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  1. @Chestnut Thanks - I hadn't seen that video yet.
  2. @wdwerker Great info! Thanks!!
  3. @K Cooper Thanks for the suggestion. It's leopard-wood, which is her favorite. @wtnhighlander Thanks for the info. I haven't had problems with the paper gumming up so I was assuming it was hardened. As for the texture, it was pore-filled and sanded to 220. @wdwerker Thanks for the reply. How many coats of ARS is normally recommended before rubbing it out? I think I'm going to sand a bit more tonight because there are still a few glossy low spots that haven't lost their sheen. And what's the worst that can happen now? Thanks for the help!
  4. Hello everyone, I have been making a jewelry box to surprise my fiance and have been working on the finishing. I used a couple coats of Zinsser sanding sealer followed by 3-4 wiped on coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal gloss. I have left it curing for a couple weeks now (I'm in AZ so it's been hot), and started to work on rubbing it out tonight. Disclaimer - this is my first project to "officially" rub out. I started with a light misting of water/soap mixture and 1000g automotive sandpaper. It started off ok by smoothing the high spots, but I'm getting areas that are much duller than the others. I'm fearing that I'm cutting through either the Arm-R-Seal and/or the shellac. I know that it's supposed to regain it's shine as I work back up through the grits. Can anyone provide advice? Do I need to stop and reapply more Arm-R-Seal coats? I don't want a "plastic-like" finish. Should I keep going? I'm not sure how to accurately tell the thickness of the finish. The first picture is the lid, which is a glossy example "before" I started rubbing. The second picture is after a bit of rubbing with 1000g and taking down high spots. The color is consistent. The third & forth are where my panic is coming from as some areas are much lighter and dull. I can add more pictures if it would help. Thanks in advance!