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  1. I have a Full Size memory foam mattress topper from Costco. It fits perfectly in my VW Eurovan.
  2. I have been using this supplier, Nice selection and free delivery, I have purchased and installed 3 units in 3 years. ( all new installs not replacements) am on my 3 year with a 24000 btu Air Con unit. if you take a close look at the pricing a 24000 is almost cheaper than a 18000. I currently just installed a 24000 btu in a 30x50 pole barn with min insulation (r-3) and open rafters. it was 103 degrees here last week and barn didn't get over 80 degrees with very low humidity. In addition, I advice to look here for the wall mounted option.
  3. Hi members, I'm just wondering if anyone on the forum can confirm if the Mafell 800mm jig can be used with the Triton TDJ 600 Dowel jointer. I found DEWALT DW682K slightly better, which is currently cheaper than TDJ600 Replies appreciated, thanks
  4. I use a Mr. Heater #MH40NG and keep it in the lower 60s all winter(Chicago) and up to 70 when I'm out there. It is natural gas however. Open garage door and it will heat back up in a matter of minutes. I'd probably go with the MH35LP for quicker heating and efficiency. A 4-9000 BTU will take quite a long time to raise temps back up. But alas, we don't know where you are from so perhaps your winters aren't as severe. You should really match btu to your square footage and temperate zone. Read this guide if you interested to learn more about propane garage heaters!
  5. IMO, you find a lot of 6” jointers for sale because most folks “out grow” them and move to larger sizes. I got lucky last summer and found a Grizzly G0593 8in used on CL at a decent price for 3 years old (not the deal of the century but did save me $350). How quickly you need a jointer will determine whether you pick up one of these USED 6” models while waiting for a deal on a larger model. To be honest, I have used the full 8” capacity of my jointer, but do admit that the majority of my jointing could have been done with a 6” jointer. With the proper planning you could very well get by with
  6. I do have to say that as long as you avoid the cheap hardware store Stanleys and as long as you replace the often thin plane irons with thicker irons such as those made by Hock, I am not as convinced that the old Stanleys are wildly better than the modern ones. I've used old Stanleys that weren't much good and new that were, and vice versa.
  7. Autodesk Sketchbook wonder why no one mentioned that
  8. Best gifts, as we all knew, should be done by our hands!