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About Me

A retired corporate traveler - primarily international assignments.

Woodworking is the creative endeavor extending the problem solving I did in my working career; with sculpted furniture being the end-result.

As with most woodworkers, I started building casework - blanket chests, shelves,  and bookcases; and, I never progressed beyond 'serviceable' - everything fit together, and it was well-constructed; but, never professional-grade.

With influence from Hal Taylor, I began to focus on rocking chairs; and extended this to bar stools and contemporary desks and tables - this remains my focus; though, I'm looking at wood-gear clocks, as a near-future project.

My shop is a mere 400 sq', with a Felder 700 series sliding table saw, Felder AD951 jointer/Planer, Hammer 4400 bandsaw; and an assortment of handtools. Main dust collection is a Clearvue CVMax, drawing through 6" pipe..