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  1. Definitely wasn't a lack of dry time, it was about just over a week!
  2. Thanks all, feedback is great. We let cure 36 hours, sanded to smooth, and the second coat is going better with the t-shirt. I'll come back with a pic after a few more coats. Thanks again!
  3. Birch veneer plywood. 2 coats of General Finishes Gel stain on top of that. Just gave the Arm-R-Seal (semi-gloss) 24 hours to dry, and it has a lot of little bumps. They don't appear to be dust or contaminants, but just bubbles in the finish. First time using this stuff, so hoping for some guidance - I'm just planning to sand and put on the next coat once it's smooth, but wanted to make sure I'm not overlooking anything. Tried my best to capture on photo, but this is more a angle of the light/rub your hand over it kind of description. Per instructions, the seal was stirred constantly during application, put on with a foam brush, and the bubbles did seem to appear right as the seal was going on. Thanks for any thoughts.