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  1. Just to be sure I am figuring correctly, if I have a board that is 10" wide x 10' long x 1.5" thick, it would be 10x10 = 100 x 1.5 = 150 / 12 = 12.5 board feet?
  2. Yes, I believe I calculated it correctly. I added up the total length of all boards x width of wood x thickness and divided by 12. Width in inches x Length in feet x thickness / 12
  3. Thanks guys, what I was guessing from pictures, but wasn't sure.
  4. Richard, Good point, I haven't taken the carpet off yet, but I just know the current treads are construction grade. I do have a nice Dewalt planar with the changeable cutter heads, so planing shouldn't be a problem. It is mainly the jointing I'm not sure about. I would love a jointer, but not sure how much I'd use it after this stair project.
  5. I acquired almost 400 bf of white/red oak for free and am wanting to rip the carpet off our stairs and put on the oak treads. They are only 9.5" wide so will need to do some jointing to 11", so from what I gather I need to make probably 11.5" boards. The problem I have is that I don't have a jointer and have seen a few videos on jointing with a jig for the tablesaw. How reliable is this? Difficulty level to do this without an actual jointer? As a side question, this wood is 1.5" thick, is that too thick for treads, requiring planing down? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Just wanted to add that I added up all the pieces and is roughly 389 board feet.
  7. I have been building sheds for a number of years as well as many renovations at home, but a novice a woodworking. I am acquiring tools a bit at a time and also picking up deals I find on Craigslist, such as the 24 sheets of random plywood (some 1/2", 3/8", 3/4", some are MDF and OSB, but most good plywood, many are S2S) for $200. Well, a few weeks ago a friend called me doing a renovation to the Attorney general's office and had this wood for me. All of these boards are 9.5" wide and lengths ranged from 4' to 14' and all are 1.5" thick. I think it is Red Oak but not certain and am wanting to learn to joint wood to retread my stairs with some of it.