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  1. Totally legit question...yes, but in trying to dial things in I did not have time to let the wood acclimate like I usually I found that if I waited 30 min from flattening, ripples...if I planed right away, pretty damn good..on just about anything EXCEPT hard maple, flat sawn...then a piece of perfectly flat redwood ripples...but easily sanded out...weirdness...
  2. It's a serrated metal feed roller. Great catch on the feed rate...
  3. I'll give a another call to JWP for sure. These 15" planers are all made at the same place. There must be others out there that have seen this...or will see it very soon...
  4. Photos show 1/16 cut. I don't think a heavier cut made a difference. I'll have to fairness, what you see on the maple sands out with 150 grit by hand...thickness dimensions across the board are good. As far as the purchase goes, besides this issue, it's a quiet, powerful planer without tearout. I plan on using highly figured wood, and I put most things go through a dual grit drum sander anyway. I went into this with extremely high expectations, and it's defininitely a bummer. Is it a total deal-breaker? Jury is out at the moment. Everything was bang-on from the factory. Not much for the dealer to do other than wings and bed roller height. I checked everything with a Oneway Multi-Gauge. Weird part is that the feed rate has no effect on the spacing of the ripples... New Belgium Trippel Ale helps... Honestly, worrying about this, dealing with the manufacturer, the exchanges, my work being at standstill has all added up to worse than sanding out 0.001" ripples! Believe it or not... I still want to figure out what's going on, but I plan on doing some actual work next week too!
  5. OK, I dug some fir, alder, and hard maple to run through the Jet:
  6. So I went to the dealer to check out the PM machines. The planer does the same thing as the Jet. I found the owner and showed him the issue. He took a pass on slab cut maple and got the ripples, then sent it in reverse-grain, and the ripples were really minimized. Sent a piece of fir through and there was barely a ripple. Sent a piece something like redwood, slab cut and got some ripples. Sent a piece of quarter sawn mahogany through and it came out glass-smooth. Long story short-ish, the issue seems dependent on the wood going in. But why is it happening ever, and why on the left side? Its still a mystery. And after 2 Jets and now a Powermatic, which may be made in the same factory, but on different production lines, with some different components (including the cutters), what to do? I need to get to work. If the issue is peculiar to certain slab cut species, I'm just going to deal with it. I could spend the next year exchanging machines, and I am convinced I would not resolve this issue. AKA, discovering the actual "root cause". I can't say this is a reflection on any brand. I certainly would not disparage Jet or PM over it. It just is what it is. I will say for certain that given the moderate price increase, Powermatic wins my vote, having used both the planers and jointers. I will post my results with different species of wood so I can show you what I am seeing over here. A little long-winded, but there it is...
  7. The dealer has in invited me to inspect the PM machines, and run boards through at their shop on thursday. I couldn't ask for better customer service.
  8. I stopped reading after this response. I was going to post: "A distracted/ complacent/ inexperienced operator"
  9. Thanks. I'm grateful I didn't mail-order this one...And the feed rollers do move freely along the spring path...
  10. Yeah, Powermatic this week. The price difference is negligible at this point. Bummer about Jet. Their 10" disc sander is fantastic. That's what sold me, funnily enough. Yeah, I know Powermatic is Jet...
  11. Too much money spent to waste this much time.
  12. No point in bothering, it's the exact same issue on the replacement machine. They already looked at the first one and had no idea what could cause it.
  13. No more troubleshooting with this one. It is right on factory specs. It's simply going back (so is the jointer for that matter).
  14. Dealer is sending someone over next week. We'll see how it goes. If it's a simple fix, I will swallow my pride and report what I have learned... I was just in CA this past weekend, I should have dropped by...