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  1. thank you everyone for your help and suggestions... I will check out the websites and let you know if I have any luck. prob will end up just dropping and cutting and splitting and burning them. such a shame for such old and magnificent trees. by the way,.. the reason the went dormant ( we suspect) is because of some major excavations we did on the property to put in a barn. On one of the oaks, we buried the trunk by 10 feet and we knew we would lose that one.. but the other two, we didn't touch... however the excavator brought in a vibratory roller that we believe caused them to go dormant ... again just a theory. thank you all again ! great group on here.
  2. Have three 200+ year old oaks recently die on my property (3ft+ dia) ... who might be interested in the logs ? I would hate to just burn them ... state of Michigan suggested portable mills but I don’t know where to start and am looking for suggestions...