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  1. So, it sounds like a seal of dewaxed shellac and glaze would dull things down? Sorry for the basic questions, finishing is one area I'm in need of a lot more experience.
  2. Hi, Would a product like Oxalic Acid help tone down the vibrancy of a grain like pine? I like the pattern on some of the wood I have but need it much much less vibrant / less contrast. I was originally thinking gel stain would help and just color things evenly, but the grain still pops on my test piece. Thanks for any suggestions!
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'll just take my chances with cedar for now and study up on my woods for future projects.
  4. Yea, even some pine leaves traces of pen dents through paper. Not that I would know...
  5. Thanks for the replies! By durable, I meant hardness but still used indoors. It'll be a floating shelf. Sorry for any confusion!
  6. Hello, Been watching the forums for a while now, finally decided to join today! I want to match an existing project that's red cedar with a shellac finish. It looks like the attached image, mostly clear / rift sawn / straight grain with a brown very slightly warm tone. (Not reddish cedar) I would love to use something like white oak since this need to be durable, but not sure if I'd be able to match it with off the shelf stains and finishes? Thanks for any ideas or links to techniques. Edit/Update: By durable, I meant a harder wood that will stand up to use indoors as a shelf. Art