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  1. Love this comment: "Utility need not be ugly. "
  2. I guess I'm just not as discriminating in my tastes; really don't much care how it looks if it does the job. .
  3. You do realize that Paul has been doing this stuff for 50 yrs, right? Of course it looks easy when he does it!
  4. Top thickness of only 1.5" may not be sufficiently strong if you do any heavy work -- it will flex and bounce.
  5. PPBart

    Safe Heater

    I lived in St Helena from 1959 thru 1971, graduated from Greensburg High in '67 and SLU in '71. Spent a lot of time in Kentwood!
  6. PPBart

    Safe Heater

    Baton Rouge area.
  7. I've built a lot of cabinets in the past few decades, but before embarking on a full set of kitchen and bath cabinets for our condo I checked this out of my local library (and renewed it later!). Excellent reference.
  8. For me, the scariest tool for me is my Craftsman 10" Radial Saw!
  9. I've got several users with corrugated soles, and have not found it to be "necessary" for anything I've done; however, I've also not found it to be a problem, either. IMO, the corrugated sole was more marketing than anything else.
  10. PPBart

    Safe Heater

    I'm happily retired so I spend a lot of time in my shop: a 12'x24' portable building with insulated walls, Styrofoam panels under roof, but no insulation under floor. Cold weather is not a major problem around here (SE Louisiana), but we do get a few chilly (below freezing) days) --- enough for me to long for some additional heat. My "dust collection" system consists of a small shop vac and a box fan with filter, so obviously the shop does get dusty at times. I would like to add a safe (no open flame?) heater that would only be on when I'm in the shop. Would one of those oil-filled radiator style units be OK? Or maybe a ceramic heater?