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  1. Most of it has been kiln dried. Do you think any lumber dealers would be interested if it was milled dimensional?
  2. Thank you for the input guys. Yea I would defintely start milling into more then just slabs if there turned out to be some demand. I am always amazed at how much more vibrant the Cuban mahogany is compared to other mahogany varieties.
  3. Hey guys, I’m looking for some advice from those who have much experience in the lumber/woodworking world then I do since I am just a hobbyist. I live in south Florida and have been collecting and milling exotic woods that grow as planted yard trees. Mostly Cuban mahogany (actually native to Florida), rosewood, mango, and monkey pod. All of these trees are “urban salvaged” from storms and normal removals. I have started to ask around and sell some large mahogany slabs that I have. I would hope to think there would be somewhat of a demand for these exotic woods that are sourced domestically and sustainably but I’m not sure. Do you guys think I could ever develop a market for this?