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  1. I would only use the Talon Chuck. One-handed operation and a variety of jaws are available.
  2. Thank you all for the suggestions. I found a solution by using the Beall Wood Threader. I made the threads on the male side easily and they look great. The taping of the threaded hole on the female side was another story. I was tapping g into end grain which, by Beall's own admission does not work very well. What I found however was that while the tapping did not produce crisp threads, it did produce usable threads. Seeing that they will be invisible in most cases I decided to use them. I also poured wood stabilizer into the hole and allowed it to coat the threads. After
  3. I have to make a 9 ft flag pole out of 1.5 in maple. The pole has to fit in a carrying bag and my customer wants it to break down into 3 pieces that screw together. I have tried a few methods to connect the pole without success. Every time any pressure is brought to bear on a joint, the dowel cracks. Any suggestions on how to do this?