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  1. Im in a northern suburb of Atlanta. Hoping the covid gets settled soon, the vaccines are rolling out now. Wife and I have had our first shots, she gets her second in a few days. Wife says covid cases here are just starting to drop a bit. This is the set. I dont need it as I got a 10” set and my saw handles it quite well.
  2. You ever get south to my area I have a 6” set for you?
  3. Just looked it up, guys name is Dan Allen, Rivermist Wood Co. 678-468-9307
  4. Theres some folks around Ball Ground Ga. thats been advertising black walnut slabs. You game for driving that far?
  5. Just finished this hickory bowl from a neighbors yard. Seemed like every piece I got had a crack or a hole in it somewhere. Glad you are making money, I know it can be tough when things get slow.
  6. Good to know you are still kicking! How have you been?
  7. Heres an example Theres also machines that use a rectangular stick that gets slid sideways in a groove as the surface gets used up. Those may be easier to adapt to as you can make those sticks easily.
  8. Some brands of printshop paper drills use the same concept. You can buy the round wood blocks by the case for them. Think they are about 3” across and 1/2” thick.
  9. Gary Beasley


    I guess thats what they refer to when you toenail a board in place.
  10. Gary Beasley


    Who needs to design? Grab a board and stick another board to it, then another. You might have to cut or nail a piece here and there. Uh, there might be a hinge or two somewhere on it.
  11. Gary Beasley


    Yeah, an enclosure would be a good idea just because of the mud daubers. Thats shouldnt be much of a problem for any halfway decent woodworker.
  12. Its used with templates you clamp the wood to to get repeatable patterns. I have a kit for fancy box joints that uses guides on the router tables insert plates. Once set up its a pretty interesting jig.
  13. Might want to char the surface a bit, leaves it more resistant to damage.
  14. I noticed you have a regular press on cap over the wheel spindle. Theres caps you can get with a zerk fitting so you can pump grease in after a trip to the lake to displace any water that may have gotten in. As far as the lights with such a simple wiring harness you would be better off to strip it all off and put new wires in, as well as replace the lamp housing with an led housing.