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  1. I found some turning blanks stashed away on the shelf that had been there a few years, thought its about time to see what I can do with them. First one I think was Jatoba, though it had no id on the label. Mounted on a worm screw and turned a square edged bowl once done. The next one I decided to do it inside out so I turned the corners down as legs and made the bottom float clear of the table. Spalted ambrosia maple.
  2. I had one for a while, might still be in a box somewhere in the shop. It was possible to set it up to work reasonably well but it took a while. After I found a freestanding mortiser used I put it all away and never looked back.
  3. You dont want to oversize to the point the air velocity drops and lets the dust settle in the pipes. All depends on the cfm rating and number of turns in your line whether it will get to that point.
  4. That Skyview app I mentioned will show you where the ISS is. Kinda comical when it shows its somewhere in the floor. Also got a predictive app that will tell the best times to see it where you are at called ISS Spotter.
  5. I got the standard set for my G055 Grizzly, best investment I ever made for the bandsaw. You won’t go wrong with either one.
  6. Coops chart says it all. Venus, one very bright object, brightest in the night sky there is. Pair of good binoculars will let you just make out crescent phases like the moon has.
  7. I found an App called Skyview Lite for free. Its pretty good at telling you what you are looking at. I suspect you were looking at Jupiter.
  8. You would be surprised at how little it would take to start doing it. Charcoal in a pan with a blower can generate the heat needed and a scrap slab of steel or piece of rail will do for an anvil. Biggest investment is in the learning.
  9. Heating the spike and driving a punch through it on an anvil is the “proper” way to do it. If you decide to learn to forge you’ll learn the technique quick enough. This guy is my favorite youtuber for forging entertainment.
  10. In the process of finishing out the offcut to make a charcuterie slab. Sanded with Abranet to 600 then wipeon Watco Teak Oil. First time I tried Abranet on my orbital sander, amazing how much faster it cut than the other paper.
  11. No idea where it was procured from, could have been anywhere. The section I sanded was from a cutoff limb, the growth rings had very little definition. It does fit pretty well with several characteristics listed for manzanita but thats all I could find on it.
  12. A friend of the family gifted me this chunk of burl, could not remember the name of the wood other than it started with M. Its very hard wood. Any wild ideas about it? I’m thinking maybe manzanita.
  13. Ronn you did it the right way, the table and miter slots need to be square with the blade.
  14. A radiant electric heater will probably do a better job and possibly cost less. Stay away from the kind with blowers, stirring up dust it not what you need.