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  1. I found a neighbor to sell it to for 2k, I didnt want to put any more sweat into it. The inside of the roof needs stripped and redone. Ive got better things to do with my time.
  2. Maybe it needs some mass to the setup to keep the wood hot. A slab of cast iron between the sawdust pan and the element will hold the heat even while the element cycles on and off. Just checked your picture, that cast iron pan should be doing okay. Maybe some of those iron briquets like goes in the grill can be put in with the sawdust.
  3. Also the next step CRAFT. Cant remember a f***ing thing!
  4. Yeah, its an off road toy hauling camper. We dont do much with it any more so Im sprucing it up to sell it. I already had to rebuilt the galley five or six yeas ago. It simply fell apart while packing it down at the campsite. Put together with luan, staples and a dab of construction adhesive. It got rebuilt with plywood, box joints and wood glue. Cant tell it was redone at first glance.
  5. Started work on repairing my Fleetwood Evolution 2 camper, starting with the hauling deck. It was built with osb covered in a plastic coating on top that was bolted onto the frame. Unfortunately they cheaped out and only covered the top of the osb so moisture got in and rotted the ends off under the plastic. Another really annoying thing is the size is six inches wider than a four by eight plywood sheet so I had to buy two sheets at $54 a pop to do the job. Then I also got a can of Deckover textured deck paint to approximate the original surface and waterproof the wood. I painted both sides of
  6. The larger the pipe the lower the velocity of the air, go too far with that and particles will start to fall out of the airstream. Why are you going with the six inch? If its like mine with a large impeller inlet with a y fitting directly on it you probably wont be improving airflow that much. As long as the terminal ends are 4” everywhere I would see little point to it if you only use one port at a time. A better improvement is to be sure the elbows in the pipe are large radius to reduce turbulence. If you are using pvc I know they come in two different radius sizes, the more common tigh
  7. Sound like she needs plants with the polystyrene dna. They grow VERY slow and never need to be watered.
  8. I didnt have any gaps to speak of on my project. I just needed to clamp them properly to pull the faces together.
  9. Thought that was pretty good. Too many of my joints had that problem. I never thought about the burnishing technique.
  10. We had those in our closet at the old house. Whoever installed them only put enough hooks and brace rods on them to keep them from falling off the walls. Of course my wife had them loaded to the ceiling with boxes of shoes and the hanging clothes were pretty much maxed out. Then one day we heard a loud noise from the closet and look to find the door blocked with the entire shelf ripped from the wall and everything on the floor. Took several hours of picking to get into the closet to evaluate the damage. The installer wasnt too picky about placement of the support hooks and basically was all
  11. She mentioned to me the other day her recipe box she got from her mother has lost its lid and was dying of old age. I set out to remedy that. Did a little research on mitered joints and found this video to guide me. Once I tuned my tablesaw up to get a good 45 degree cut I followed the instructions on some 1/2” baltic birch plywood. I cut mitered joints for the four sides and top, also cut rabbets on the side panels to lay in a 1/4” piece of baltic birch for the bottom. It was amazing how accurate that technique was for making the miter. When assembling I glued the f
  12. Gary Beasley


    Clear ice on the road thats all but invisible. Nasty surprise for the stressed out traveller.
  13. Amazon also has lists you can put things on to do the same thing. Maybe they saw what you were doing and took it as a good idea.
  14. Wife and I have both got our first shots, she will have her second one next week. Its not a magic bullet, takes time for the full immunity to build but its way better than nothing.
  15. Im in a northern suburb of Atlanta. Hoping the covid gets settled soon, the vaccines are rolling out now. Wife and I have had our first shots, she gets her second in a few days. Wife says covid cases here are just starting to drop a bit. This is the set. I dont need it as I got a 10” set and my saw handles it quite well.