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  1. This kind of stand should be pretty easy to do in wood for an overhanging lamp. I like the rope and pulley part of it, looks a bit steampunk.
  2. Wouldnt the rabbeting go easier before that last glue up or is that just a dry fit?
  3. Not much, just made an upgrade on my sharpening system. Got a 220 grit CBN wheel and put it on a variable speed grinder I had. Then I had bought a Wolverine style mount Robo Rest for platform grinding and had to devise a mount for it. Tried it out today on a small well dried oak bowl and got really good results. Next I have a small reduction gear motor with a speed control on the way from Ebay so I can adapt my lathe for slow speed poly application for a more perfect finish without hours of sanding. Once I have that working I want to try it out on the butternut bowl I have turned. Stuff I was trying to use kept getting ripples and runs.
  4. Nope. I like the hand carved walking sticks way better than the formal looking canes.
  5. The proper hat for those conditions is a motorcycle helmet.
  6. I think Mark is your bowl turner on this one!
  7. Most good motors have a thermal switch that should reset when it cools enough. Sometimes theres a reset button somewhere you have to push, if you have a manual refer to it.
  8. Thats what Krylon is for. I think a permanent sharpie would do just as well to mark the grit.
  9. Most of my kits are ball point kits but I think I might have a few fountain kits stashed.
  10. Client didnt wipe it with any cleaners did they?
  11. I can make that off the scraps from the platters, you would have to find the right piece of wood on the right kit to be able to see a good tiger pattern though.
  12. You out to see it when it spalts, really pretty stuff. I have a big pile of pen blanks I cut from some.
  13. But you do want to keep the dust out of the air. Seal it next time you get bored.
  14. Hang on to the scraps on that stuff, it makes so really pretty bowls and platters.