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  1. Did you get any decent looking offcuts from that curly log?
  2. Is that measured with the pin in place? Have to wonder if the pin slot was machined wrong and that is torquing the bed out of level.
  3. I can see the broken part is off the indexing part of the pulley, you will probably never miss it. If an indexing system is needed you can mount an external index on it.
  4. Looks good! We make a pilgrimage to Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge every so often just for their fried pies. Haven't found any other place besides home cooked that makes them so good. The No Sugar Added fried apple pies are the best.
  5. First of all check the edge of the wood where the leaf opens and be sure you are not dealing with a veneer and not solid wood. If its veneer Id be careful about doing more sanding. If solid sand it again, clean it good and spray on the unwaxed shellac. After a very light sanding go ahead with your finish.
  6. Sound a bit like it was originally sealed with a sanding sealer before the original stain went on to keep the penetration consistent. You skipped that step this time around so the stain was penetrating each piece differently. Post a picture if you can and some of our more experienced members can chime in with better advise.
  7. I would hope he had that machine replaced since early 2016!
  8. There should be no slop in any brand of lift, otherwise there no point in having it. Does the lift have an adjustment lock that is failing to do its job?
  9. Gary Beasley

    New guy

    Much further back than that. I think it was around 1981 or 82. My oldest son was about a year old then.
  10. Gary Beasley

    New guy

    I lived in Van Buren for a year or so, nice area. Remember when the film crew for “The Blue and the Gray” came through filming around Fort Smith and turned Van Buren into Gettysburg and Vicksburg?
  11. Gary Beasley

    New guy

    Welcome! I grew up there around Jacksonville, which part do you hail from?
  12. Heres my shot of our group with the Birthing Tree. We are standing a good fifteen feet in front of the tree so you can get a decent idea of how big that thing is.
  13. Now that ought to make you look just dandy!
  14. Gonna have to nail that one down to keep folks from trying to steal it.
  15. Those look great! It takes a lot more hands on work to make that type of bowl, especially to make them look that good.