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  1. Its hard to think about a young life cut short like that. Prayers for your son and you and the rest of the family.
  2. Have to wonder if either someone tried to sharpen the chippers and messed them up or the chippers dont belong with the outside blades.
  3. The third bowl roughed out from my silver maple haul. Makin’ shavin’s! I think I need a hay baler for this stuff....
  4. Nope, never looked at it. Basically anything you mount the tool rest to that has a fair amount of extension to it is going to have some flex unless you find some way of bracing it to another solid point. The dogleg sound like a great way to get extra positioning capacity, yet that introduces more room for flexing of the support which hopefully is very minor on that rig. The way the Nova outrigger is built while being pretty solid on its own when used on anything big enough to warrant it gets some pretty good torque on it from the tool cutting on a large diameter piece. Looks good on paper but
  5. Its a 2024 DVR, got it as a promo kit a while back. It has the outrigger toolrest for full outboard but I find it too bouncy and needs a floor rest added to it to make it solid.
  6. Got me a biggun spinning on the lathe now. Neighbor had a silver maple taken down that had a massive trunk. Cut a 19” blank and mounted it up, had to swivel the head to 45 degrees and run it in reverse cutting at the opposite side until the irregular edges would clear the bed. Still have to turn it around and hollow it for drying. Hopefully it wont split while drying.
  7. Got another Van Dyke print done, this was from a medium format negative I shot at the old machine shop ruins at Vickery Creek, Roswell Ga.
  8. Gary Beasley


    Nice! Only thing missing is a lathe for the occasional spindle.
  9. This is some wild looking grain on this black walnut dish. Sanded to 600 grit and first coat of wipe on poly buffed on to it.
  10. That little bottle of Osmo will last a surprisingly long time. I got a bigger can and have trouble with the solids caking up inside, apparently from exposure to air.
  11. Thanks, I use what I can get. If you are turning dry wood you dont have to do everything at once. It’ll wait till you have time to get back to it.
  12. Thanks! The last one is about the size of a large grapefruit. It was fun to turn the insides to make it more of a closed form piece. They are all sanded to 220 and wiped with several coats of wipe on poly. They have a satin soft feel to the surface.
  13. Just sanded this one out and wiped it with poly
  14. Finally dusted off the lathe and got to work on some pecan slabs given to me by a fellow woodturner. The slabs were out in the weather for a good while and had splits everywhere but I was able to cut enough solid wood out of them to get a good handful of blanks. The nice part was the spalting inside, seems to have caught it at just the right point.
  15. You just need well drained soil in a shady area. You lack that in your yard? I would think the climate there is not too bad for them. Maybe you should try one indoors.