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  1. Its used with templates you clamp the wood to to get repeatable patterns. I have a kit for fancy box joints that uses guides on the router tables insert plates. Once set up its a pretty interesting jig.
  2. Might want to char the surface a bit, leaves it more resistant to damage.
  3. I noticed you have a regular press on cap over the wheel spindle. Theres caps you can get with a zerk fitting so you can pump grease in after a trip to the lake to displace any water that may have gotten in. As far as the lights with such a simple wiring harness you would be better off to strip it all off and put new wires in, as well as replace the lamp housing with an led housing.
  4. If cold is causing it then likely its a poor connection on the circuit board thats disconnecting as the metal contracts. Look for loose connections, even a little wiggle is suspect. Semiconductors generally dont fail from the cold, they actually like it. One test for bad components is spraying with a freeze spray to see if it starts working again while cold.
  5. You are a woodworker, get some quarter inch ply and a box joint jig and go to town with it. Clamping several sets together would make quick work of the box joints.
  6. Looks darn good for a tablesaw bowl. How thick did you get them down to? Seeing how you avoided the pith they should stay fairly flat.
  7. One thing Ive learned about boat trailers is you want to replace the lights on it with led versions. A friend of mine was telling me water was getting into the lights while backing the boat into the water and causing the glass on the hot bulbs to shatter. That was before leds were so easy to get.
  8. I wonder if there is an automatic fire extinguisher device that can be put in a cabinet that will deploy if the temperature goes up to ignition levels.
  9. Take a grease gun with you and lube the wheel bearings before moving it very far. Good insurance against failure.
  10. Make a more reasonable offer in line with the condition. If it just needs a good cleaning and paint you might make a profit on it.
  11. Wife and I took a drive out to North Georgia mountains just to get out and shoot the 4x5 some. I have a 2x3 rollfilm adaptor uses 120 film that I was trying for the first time. Still have to process the roll but I have a cellphone snap of a mushroomed log we found at the Dockery Lake campground. I got that on film too, the light was really good quality, hope the film is too.
  12. Had a friend whose dogs would eat the blueberrys off the bushes and eat the ripe pears falling off their tree.
  13. I had an electrician come in and drop in a pony box and four quad boxes in the basement when we moved in to this house, Ive since added a couple more and also wired up my darkroom areas with plenty of outlets. I also use a drop cord to my rolling workbench/router table to keep the wires off the floor. One thing the electrician did was wire each half of the quad boxes to separate breakers, I thought that was pretty handy.
  14. LOL, looks like an ad for Sawstop! You have a nice workspace there, especially when you can roll the door up on a nice day.
  15. He is quite skilled with a scrollsaw. I first found him on another woodworking forum that I had to desert because of insufferable popup activity. He would do scrollsaw pictures and show a little at a time and everyone would be guessing what it was. Then he would also do detailed wooden models that would blow you away.