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  1. Better hope she dont find that rolling pin!
  2. Got to see him speak at a graduation ceremony at Stanford, quite an interesting person.
  3. Oh, thats not the only errors. I managed to drill and cut the dado for the wire on the wrong side and had to drill out the handle and fudge the assembly to get it together. Other than that it made for some good experience points.
  4. I started a project using some new software, Lamination Pro, to design segmentation patterns. This was a first try with a 2nd generation glue up. Started with three kinds of wood glued in a symmetrical arrangement, then cut at 36 degrees a certain size and swap ends on every other one to create a chevron pattern glued up. Then that was cut again at the same angle this time aiming for cutting the descending arm of the chevron in half and gluing it up. I was originally going to use this tor a feature ring on a segmented bowl but the first glueup was misaligned due to a warped tabletop I did the glueup on and as each generation of cuts were done the errors were compounded to create misalignments front to back and uneven spacing. As a result I gave up on using it for a bowl and assembled the best looking pieces and made a couple of cheese slicers. Dont look too bad for a comedy of errors!
  5. Wood like that needs to be jumped on and roughed out before it starts to dry and crack. You could sink it in a bucket of water while it waits for you, no telling what that will do to the color.
  6. Dont you just hate it when mortices move after you cut them?
  7. It may have been getting more current than the rated figure for some reason, therefor the reason for checking how it was wired to the heater. You dont want a repeat performance if you hook another controller back up the same way. It pays to be leery about electrical connections, especially around heaters.
  8. Apparently it wasnt rated for the current going through it. Be sure and check for failures in the heater circuits too.
  9. Finally got the last connections made and pressure tested the darkroom plumbing. All the joints seem good but the seals on the filter units were bad. Now I have to wait for them to be shipped as it seems no one in the area keeps them in stock. Always something!
  10. Ive been spending the last several days installing plumbing in my darkroom. I’d put it off since moving to this house but finally found my box of round tuits. Hooked up the sump pump to get the waste water into the drain pipes, had to install a new float switch in the process. Today I was hanging the Intellifaucet water temperature controller to the wall over the darkroom sink and hooking it to the sinks plumbing. Tomorrow I work on getting it hooked up to the water supply. It will be so nice to be able to rinse the film and prints without having to go outside to the waterhose.
  11. The cheaper led fixtures will do that. Higher grade equipment is better shielded and should be fine. The Hyperikon tubes I put in my shop has no effect on my radio.
  12. I wonder if its the type of chain that makes it slow. Ive read doing rip cuts there a ripping chain you can get. It would be worth it if you are doing a lot of chainsaw milling.
  13. I have a big problem when people ask me “You know What”? In all these years Ive never met that cuss, wish they’d quit asking.
  14. Gary Beasley

    What's This?

    Only wood Ive seen with that wavy pattern is butternut, but its lighter in color and not oily.
  15. I just watched a video on an old technique I thought was very clever.