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  1. Nope. I like the hand carved walking sticks way better than the formal looking canes.
  2. The proper hat for those conditions is a motorcycle helmet.
  3. I think Mark is your bowl turner on this one!
  4. Most good motors have a thermal switch that should reset when it cools enough. Sometimes theres a reset button somewhere you have to push, if you have a manual refer to it.
  5. Thats what Krylon is for. I think a permanent sharpie would do just as well to mark the grit.
  6. Most of my kits are ball point kits but I think I might have a few fountain kits stashed.
  7. Client didnt wipe it with any cleaners did they?
  8. I can make that off the scraps from the platters, you would have to find the right piece of wood on the right kit to be able to see a good tiger pattern though.
  9. You out to see it when it spalts, really pretty stuff. I have a big pile of pen blanks I cut from some.
  10. But you do want to keep the dust out of the air. Seal it next time you get bored.
  11. Hang on to the scraps on that stuff, it makes so really pretty bowls and platters.
  12. Sounds like damaged reduction gears or a loose setscrew on the conveyor motor.
  13. CA will release with heat but it will likely discolor the wood getting it hot enough to melt it. I have used heat to unstick the brass tubes in a pen blank when it sticks in the wrong place.
  14. I have three more of different sizes. I pulled one out and checked it, moisture level is down to 10% so I’ll be able to work on it soon.
  15. Mostly, some of it I rubbed Titebond into it and rubbed sawdust into it. Its hard to get a complete fill as the glue only goes in partway and as the wood is turned away fresh gaps can appear.
  16. Thanks! Whats your opinion on that repaired crack, does it detract too much from the looks?
  17. Finally got it off the lathe and sprayed with varnish.
  18. Ive turned quite a bit of it making pens, fairly fine grained and turned well. Biggest complaint Ive heard about it is the wood movement can be extreme. I also hear a lot of it is being used to make chopsticks.
  19. Its nothing that looks like stain, its called “natural” color and looks a bit like a danish oil coat and helps make the grain pop. Im not home right now so I cant get a picture but when I finish it I will post a shot.
  20. Thanks for the replies, the software problems so far is an aggravation and as such I would just as soon dump the whole pile rather than try to work with it. I'm barely able to do much with it as is so it will be no big loss for me.
  21. Just the one platter, Ive been a bit busy travelling, the the deck rebuild, now a trip out of state tomorrow to see family. I have a butternut bowl on the lathe now letting a coat of stain cure, be working on that when I get back.
  22. So I have Sketchup 2015 on my desktop and laptop computers. I intended to download some bench patterns from the 3d Warehouse to get ideas for building a corner bench on my deck. Of course things have to change to the point it near impossible to do what I want with any kind of ease. I tried the link to the warehouse from my program, didnt work. I open my browser and look up the warehouse direct but it refused to download unless I had a newer version. I went looking at the newer versions and the free version is a browser based app. Okay, I login and try that out. The browser has a link to the warehouse but only for uploads. Cant figure how to get a pattern from the warehouse into the browser app. The whole thing is annoying the crap out of me. All I want to do is look at some patterns to get an idea how to design something to fit my deck. I guess I need to get my pencil and scratchpad out again.
  23. I think end grain boards do better in thicker dimensions for the strength. A side grain board will be a lot harder to break at thinner dimensions, I have one I made from a leyland cypress tree I took down at my old house that is holding up quite well.