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  1. I found an App called Skyview Lite for free. Its pretty good at telling you what you are looking at. I suspect you were looking at Jupiter.
  2. You would be surprised at how little it would take to start doing it. Charcoal in a pan with a blower can generate the heat needed and a scrap slab of steel or piece of rail will do for an anvil. Biggest investment is in the learning.
  3. Heating the spike and driving a punch through it on an anvil is the “proper” way to do it. If you decide to learn to forge you’ll learn the technique quick enough. This guy is my favorite youtuber for forging entertainment.
  4. In the process of finishing out the offcut to make a charcuterie slab. Sanded with Abranet to 600 then wipeon Watco Teak Oil. First time I tried Abranet on my orbital sander, amazing how much faster it cut than the other paper.
  5. No idea where it was procured from, could have been anywhere. The section I sanded was from a cutoff limb, the growth rings had very little definition. It does fit pretty well with several characteristics listed for manzanita but thats all I could find on it.
  6. A friend of the family gifted me this chunk of burl, could not remember the name of the wood other than it started with M. Its very hard wood. Any wild ideas about it? I’m thinking maybe manzanita.
  7. Ronn you did it the right way, the table and miter slots need to be square with the blade.
  8. A radiant electric heater will probably do a better job and possibly cost less. Stay away from the kind with blowers, stirring up dust it not what you need.
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    Might look good if colored epoxy were put into the checks and splits. Then it would make an interesting tabletop.
  10. Heres a good resource for finding waterfalls. Sent from my iPad
  11. The highest elevations on the Skyway are in N. Carolina. After hitting 5300 feet or so it drops to about half that by the time you get to Tennessee.
  12. We did make it to the Skyway, it was raining most of the way and quite a bit of mist and fog. I did get a few shots on the Nikon and a few on the Iphone camera. Deep Creek area Lake overlook Got to revisit Bald River Falls. I was able to sit the camera on one of the concrete pylons on the bridge and shoot at 1/5 second @f/16 with the EI set at 100.
  13. We drove to Bryson City and rode the train today, had their “Shine and Dine” ride. Sampled moonshine and had barbeque during the ride. Very rainy first half of the ride, going back the sun came out. Going to try the skyway on the way home, hoping for a bit of a break in the rain tomorrow by the time we get in the high grounds. Thats blueberry flavored shine One of the cars on the train. They made them elegant back then!
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    Seeds! That not near as bad as tulip poplar seeds. We have several on our property and the seeds get everywhere and the worst part about them is the wedge/hook shape at the head, hurts like hell to step on barefoot. Only thing worse is a yard full of sweetgum balls.
  15. Wife wants to do a road trip, Im looking at touring through the Cherohala Skyway from Tellico Plains, Tn to see fall colors. Anybody familiar with what else is worth seeing along that route?
  16. Amazing what a little wood glue and sawdust will do.
  17. Maybe, this one has no finish, not even sanded.
  18. I was trying out a chunk of sapele and some scraps of another dark wood. Worked on it two days and this is what I get for it. Turned it too thin and a segment broke through. Thats what I get for trying to make it perfect!
  19. The main body is chinaberry wood and the rim is some kind of rosewood I got from another woodworker clearing out his shop. Heres some shots finished.
  20. Heres the results so far… one coat of wipeon teak oil.
  21. Heres a sight. Trying to build a large shallow bowl/ platter type vessel. Having to clamp the final trim ring on because the edges of the lower rings dont have enough support to really squeeze from the tailstock. Two f clamps, two c clamps, four welders vice grips and dripping with glue.
  22. Its a press screw I bought online for that purpose then built a press table with it. The rope clamp I learned from Earl Rasmussen who has Earls Small Segment Shop on Youtube. Learned quite a bit from him!
  23. Something going on with the editing process, that last picture duplicated of the glueup refuses to go away even after trying to delete it three times.
  24. Just got done with my first segmented piece in a long time, been too busy with solid chunks.