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  1. JasonS

    Domino Foot

    It's time to upgrade the foot on the Domino. I'm looking for opinions on which one to get though. TSO makes great stuff and their BigFoot gets great reviews. It's a direct replacement for the Festool version but better made with a bit more versatility. Ramon Valdez has his Domino Deck, which is longer than the the TSO, but lacks it's depth and handle. Seneca Woodworking has a their Domiplate, but it's not a 'foot' like I'm thinking of, but more a centering tool for edges. So which of these options do you find the most versatile? I'm pretty sure I can get by without a
  2. I saw those. They're a bit too small, more for a mini-lathe. Thanks though.
  3. Does anyone know where I can get flat ribbed step pulleys? I can get v-belt pulleys but I'd really prefer the flat ribbed variety.
  4. I'd like some recommendations for digital protractors. Anyone have one they really like over the others?
  5. That's an idea. My partner is graphic designer and printer - she does that kind of thing all the time.
  6. I’m trying to make some custom acrylic base plates and jig mounts for the router. Mine won’t be delivered until next week. I can use an existing baseplate but I’m laser cutting the acrylic so I’d prefer a diagram with accurate measurements.
  7. Does anyone know the hole pattern spacing for the base of the OF1400? Or even better a layout diagram?
  8. I'm looking for recommendations for a 6" random orbit sander. The Festools are great, I've used them many times, but I can't justify the $380-$510 price point. So what do you use and recommend (or stay away from)?
  9. JasonS

    Domino Time

    Same here. Bob would have been my first choice.
  10. JasonS

    Domino Time

    Local is my preference but a the number of dealers around here has shrunk considerably. The closest dealer I spoke to isn't interested unless you're a contractor (money is money, right?) and another doesn't stock what I want, but but will order for full payment up front and they'll have it in a month. I've got inquires in to 2 other lumber yards I've dealt with so we'll see what comes of that. You'd think it'd be easier to spend $1300.
  11. No, and unless you're a machinist or a fabricator I doubt modifying the existing table arm bracket to accept the work gear, rack and handle is possible. Depending on the column size you should be able to order parts from someone like Grizzly, keeping in mind most drill press columns are sized metric, to get what you need. Any idea what brand and size the DP is?
  12. JasonS

    Domino Time

    Now that things have calmed down, it's time for me to stir the pot again. Anyone have a preferred online dealer? The two local dealers I've visited haven't been great to deal with.
  13. JasonS

    Domino Time

    So the DF500 it is. I'll skip the kit and get the trim stop if I find I need it. I've used the cross stop and don't really see a need for it. Next question: Did you get the Domino assortment kit with the additional cutters? Buying the other 4 cutters and dominos separately costs about $2 less than the kit with 5 cutters, the dominos and the systainer. Of course, the kit has 200 fewer dominos than buying them separately (at an average cost of $.12/ea - I do love me a good spreadsheet) but who's doing that kind of math? I'm leaning toward the assortment option since I'd have all t
  14. JasonS

    Domino Time

    Right? That's the same reason I use sharpening jigs - I don't dull tools often enough to need to sharpen enough to build muscle memory to free-hand sharpen. So jigs it is.
  15. JasonS

    Domino Time

    I realized with talk of a router jig I almost talked myself out a domino at all; that's why I added the brian dump about classes and timing.