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  1. JasonS

    Hammer K3 Winner

    Yeah, I keep hearing that the rolling carriage isn't great for frequent moving. I think I'm going to go with more typical mobile base. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. JasonS

    Hammer K3 Winner

    I've got a quote for a Hammer K3 Winner and I'll be heading to the showroom to discuss accessories and pay for the saw. We're moving in mid-May and I'll be using the 2 car garage for a shop and I expect to be moving the saw around frequently. My question to anyone who owns a Hammer machine: Is the rolling carriage Hammer sells worth the money and does it work well? Or do you think an traditional mobile base would serve me better?
  3. Do mine eyes deceive me, or is that a Veritas PMV-11 paring chisel I see in the ad for the waterstones on page 5 of the Lee Valley Winter 2019 catalog?
  4. JasonS

    Drill bit set

    I have and use the heck out of this set: Lee Valley Brad Point Bits. Yes, they're twice the price of the OP's preferred price, but they're the best bradpoints I've ever used. I've even got multiples of some of most commonly used sizes as backups. You could always get a smaller set of them, then add bits as you need the sizes. I made due with a 7 piece set of bradpoints for years, and probably still could if I stuck to more common sizes of hardware and such. I have an older set of TiN coated bit form Northern Tool. I've had them since '98 or '99. I've used fair number of them, but nowhere near even half the sizes. They work okay, but not great. I found that I needed to sharpen most of them to get good results, even the brand new, unused bits. As a side note, I still have a set my dad got me from Sears for my 12th birthday (31 years ago). I've lost a couple bits, but I still use them and they still cut fantastically, even in steel. Those I've never resharpened, though it'd be interesting to see how they perform with new edges.