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  1. Mark thanks for the name of the joint, that makes things much easier and yep, I have settled on getting the plunge type Very neat ! thanks for the pictures
  2. Thanks again for the info I live in Australia and we seem to have pretty much the same options as you guys. I will look into purchasing a 1/2" router that I can keep in a bench / table type setup. I will choose the plunge type now I understand a bit more about its uses. I don't do much routing work but you can bet your balls if I don't buy the plunge type thats exactly the one I'm going to wish I did
  3. thanks wtn would you mind explaining why the preference to a plunge router ? I do have a trim router that is setup in a small bench jig that I can clamp to my workbench I have been reading on and off (when free time permits) about plunge/fixed or motor body only routers and all I have done is confuse myself TIA
  4. On my to-do list is to mount a router permanently on the side of my TS Doing my head in reading about plunge / fixed or motor only at the moment but I will continue the battle Of course oncle the router is bought and setup the biggest job will be this old boy learning how to do it Thanks mate
  5. Good idea ! Thanks mate, I couldn't think of what would work, that will do the trick nicely I'll go look up how to do the 'male' part now Thanks very much
  6. I have included a photo of a workstation that I knocked together for my wife who makes macrame stuff. I want to make another that can be packaged in pieces posted and reassembled. I thought about making slots in the backing board for the wings to slide into and figured T slots would work but for the life of me I cannot find the correct term for the 'female' connection so the 'wings' can slide into the backing board and not fall out . Can someone help an old truck driver out please Geoff
  7. Good idea and thanks, I drive interstate trucks and am only home on the weekend for a day and a half, my woodworking time is very limited Thank you Good to know, thanks for the info Good point, thanks for the info
  8. can anyone tell me if purchasing the Miter Express sled and adding the Incra 1000 miter gauge works out as the same as buying the Miter 5000 ? I don't have the funds to shell out on the 5000 at the moment and was wondering if I can just split the cost by buying seperately
  9. Saturday afternoon here gee-dub that is some beautiful work there making your own setup, I would need a well setup saw to make that as you have It's a bit of a catch 22 isn't it, need a well setup saw to make a jig to set my saw up
  10. Appreciate all the input. I should mention that 4 months ago I lost my job but have found work as an interstate truck driver which has me leaving home on Sunday afternoons and returning on Friday evenings which doesn't leave a lot of time to pursue my hobbies. I will re-read all these posts and comments when I can but wanted everyone to know that I appreciate all responses and explain why it may take a week or so for me to get around to it. Thanks for the detailed response and photos gee-dub Regards Geoff
  11. OK, blade alignment was good ( tested with combination square) Fence alignment was out ( the rear of the fence was closer to the blade than the front) by approx 1.5 mm gee-dub thats a neat setup, can you explain how to setup for the other plane ? I don't really get the meaning or understanding
  12. Hi Mick Thanks, that was an interesting video. Do you know anything of this from fine wood working about aligning the tablesaw in 2 planes ? I'm going to go out to the shed now and check the blade and fence alignment first before I worry too much about aligning the 2nd plane Thanks again for your help
  13. Thinking about shelling out some cash for the Digi Align jig and would like opinions on this and as to whether its a waste of money etc for example, am I better off making my own, using readily available tools or can this tool be beneficial Im starting to find that (particularly making french cleats) that the timber is burning towards the last part of the cut and also seems to start binding slightly at the last part of the cut making me think things are not aligned as they should be Regards Geoff
  14. OK, after a quick search I have checked downhill routing and climb cutting, I have quite a bit of learning to do. I will be away for a couple of days so I will read and ask some more when I return. Thanks again to all that help
  15. Thanks drz I will look up climb cut, I believe my main problem is technique / inexperience Gee-Dub thank you I didn't even know there was bits like this, I don't understand 'routing downhill'