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  1. Many times I have read that small shops only require smaller dust collectors. The facts are that you need 800 - 1000 cfm (OSHA vs the more restrictive Euro standards) at a table saw to collect the dust generated. Physics is not suspended in a small shop. Most small shop machines are rated with no ducting or filters attached. I really don't care what people choose to use, but misinformation bugs me
  2. I have chisels from several sources. The ones the feel the best in my hand are from Blue Spruce
  3. thrax you might find this site usefull I was going down a path for dust collection that included a 2 hp system. Changed course after reading this site. It is somewhat painful reading but filled with good data by an engineer who had a passion for woodworking but developed allergies to wood dust
  4. I have overfilled my Clearvue. Life did not end, but did get a little busy as I exercised my full vocabulary
  5. I have the 5 hp ClearVue. Felder met my criteria. I have read that the Felder 160 might be a tad undersized (max ~ 800cfm)
  6. I am fortunate to have a 2 car attached garage and a detached three car garage. The three car garage only sees a car enter for oil changes and other minor maintenance, The lift is in there. Mini split and dehumidifier x 2 accomplishes the environmental control
  7. Clear Vue vs Oneida filters. More surface area = longer period of effective filtering I did not want free standing. And yes it is loud, but I am already wearing ear protection, so not a big deal
  8. My shop is both temperature and humidity controlled, therefore cannot vent outside. I looked for a unit with the best airflow and filters. Felder and Clear Vue met my criteria. YMMV If you are not aware of this site, it is wordy but very useful
  9. Of the ones you mentioned, I would pick the Felder. Personally, I chose Clear Vue
  10. I find it interesting the number of people who have owned Powermatics and now have a SS. I have not read or know of many/any SS owners who have gone the other way. Euro sliders are a whole different game
  11. 5 inch PVC exists, but is darn hard to find, and ridiculously expensive compared to even 6 inch. As has been said, find another way
  12. Agree. That is the best site I have seen in some time.
  13. I do not know what part of the country you are in, but when I hear of someone remodeling/working in an older home, I think of histoplasmosis - a fungal infection. Can be very indolent. Have seen it a few times. Fatigue can be part of the symptom picture - though you description does sound more allergic in nature
  14. this blade is a tad more than the Oshlun, but is a good blade
  15. I have had good experiences with both the folks at Equipment Sales and Service and with my SawStop. Life is good
  16. Steve I have the SS folding outfeed table as well. It works for my needs. My work bench is way too high to butt up to the saw. If I ever need more far support, I will just roll my hydraulic lifting table to the back and use that