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  1. I will definitely be purchasing the book! Thank you so much for that recommendation. It looks like an amazing resource plus I'll get a "free" guild project.
  2. Thank you all for your responses. My hesitation on the Shaker Table was the fact that it's not a piece of furniture that would fit well in my house. There are definitely pieces that are more appealing/useful to me, but it must be a GREAT project to start with. I will look through all of the projects once again and read through what they'll teach as Chestnut recommended, but part of me feels that I'd be foolish to go against the advice of so many.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am new to the forum and pretty new to woodworking in general. I am getting ready to purchase my first Guild project, and wondered what recommendations you all had for a good first project. I've read through some previous post, but they were older and there are now new projects available. I know that the Shaker Table is one that is recommended regularly as a good first project. I have also seen the Wall-hanging Cabinet recommended several times. My goal is to get a project that will teach me as many techniques as possible. Even if I'm not ready to tackle the project, I think I can learn a lot by watching the videos and having them as a resource. From the two mentioned above, I feel that I would get better use out of the cabinet, but is there another project that would teach the same techniques and possibly more? I would really like to build the Adirondack Chair and the G&G Blanket chest someday, but based on what I've read these don't teach as many of the fundamental techniques as other projects. Your advice is greatly appreciated. I'm really looking forward to joining the guild.