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  1. joe l

    DeWalt DW-375 planer tripping breaker

    I had the same issue. Discovered the wires to the new circuit breaker were burned at the spade terminal. Couldn't see them without totally removing breaker. Replace said wire and terminals, seems to be ok for now after running 25 or 30 Ft. Of oak. Time will tell.
  2. joe l

    domino joiner

    Of course not! Thought it would be easier than that. I'm going to do more this pm. Will let u know how it works. I'm sure I got in too big a hurry with the new toy. The Seneca woodworking plate came today. Will let u know how I see it in action.
  3. joe l

    domino joiner

    You are correct, cut one today and realized it was shorter. Just another thing to remember. Did have an issue getting drawer fronts to line up correctly. Sides were even, but 3/8 inch too high? Suggestions? BTW mat60, anytime you want to discuss domino I'll, be glad to chat. I am learning too.
  4. joe l

    Sad Storry to Share

    Sorry to hear about your friend. My dad always told me a tool without power cannot hurt you. I have remembered that for more than 50 years and have passed it on to my adult son. I suffered a pretty severe table saw cut 5 years ago when my commercially made push stick slipped over the edge of the board, dragging my left hand across the blade. Full recovery, but the memory does not fade, trust me!
  5. joe l

    domino joiner

    Thanks. Did check out a guy from new Hampshire. He had a good three page spread with video and did a very good job explaining and showing how to get started with the 500.
  6. joe l

    domino joiner

    I ordered it. Should be here fri or saturday
  7. joe l

    domino joiner

    So I spent maybe an hour in the shop with the domino. Following directions, I was able to make a perfect frame joint and a perfect fitting shelf with 3/4 plywood , I also ordered the assortment of loose tenons . Festool also includes bits in the kit. I was not expecting them to include a 4 mm cutter as well. But they did. So, with a little more practice, I have things to build! Thanks for the tip on Holbren, I checked out the site and will probably try at least one of their bits. I have used CMT cutters extensively, so they should be of good quality.
  8. joe l

    domino joiner

    Domino came Monday in perfect order. Cant' wait to get in shop and practice! Got the tendon assortment also. Both from amazon.
  9. joe l

    Hello from western north carolina

    I taught math, so don't worry about such. I spent 29years with 8th graders, so trying to rip and crosscut a sheet of oak doesn't scare me at all
  10. I live in Bryson City, about 60 miles from Asheville. I am a retired educator..
  11. joe l

    domino joiner

    I pulled the trigger on the domino this am. Also got the kit with tenons and extra cutters. Should be here Monday or Tuesday. Also ordered the domiplate since the majority of my work will be 3/4 ply. I intend to spend time practicing on leftover before real work.
  12. joe l

    domino joiner

    Thanks.was planning on that. Always like to try a new tool out before adding (expensive) "fixes"
  13. joe l

    domino joiner

    Go to, it looked like a worthy addition. As with all woodpecker tools, it is expensive. I have many woodpecker tools, they are dead accurate and worth every penny, you get what you pay for. I just bought their cross dowel kit. Haven't had a chance to practice with it yet, but looks like worthy addition to shop.
  14. joe l

    domino joiner

    500 q is what I am looking at. Also considering a woodpecker add-on fence and ht. Adjustment. I have a Fein vac that I will use. And am going to get the sustained with more tennis and bits, seems like a good addition.
  15. joe l

    domino joiner

    Thanks. Discarded(sold) biscuit joiner 15 years ago. Use a lot of pocket screws, but this, although expensive, seems like the way to go because I have a lot of projects coming up that require many, many mortise and tenon joints.