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  1. I first saw the method here: (skip to 12:10) In the video, he has a Moxon vise with rabbeted jaws which allows the pattern bit to cut the entire bottom of the pin baseline. This is unlike Bob Van Dyke's method in Fine woodworking where the jig prevents the router bit going thru to the other side and thus requiring a little bit of further hand chiseling. I use these inserts in my Moxon vise to create the space for the router to cut all the way from front to back. I agree with @SawDustB, it feels like cheating but it's wicked fast and effective.
  2. I'm using that technique on this project in addition to a pins first approach. The tool cabinet is a skill builder for me to learn to cut dovetails. Also, using the mitre jig to pare the corners is oddly satisfying.
  3. Would you consider cerusing high end? And welcome to the forum.
  4. My name is Brian and I'm on an extended sabbatical trying to figure out the next phase of life. I started out as a home renovation DIY'er and am progressing to furniture building. I've taken a few formal cabinet and furniture making classes from the local community college. AS for my shop, it's evolving and mostly mobile where I work "alfresco" under the carport. Instagram gives me too too much inspiration and want to make it all. This year's project will be a dining room table. My wife found a small piece of flame birch that somehow grew into a full 6'x4' table project. I'm also building the new tool cabinet project from the Guild. I also need to make a handle for a lump hammer head I got from Ebay. And so on it goes. Cheers bp