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  1. It's met my needs so far. I added dog holes so that I can use holdfasts and have two pop-up planing stops on the end. Paul Sellers is very reliant on holding everything in the vise, but I wanted to try other methods as well.
  2. Thanks for the replies! The second clock is made from rainbow poplar. Saw that board at Menards and thought it would make an interesting clock.
  3. Greetings from the buckeye state! I'm a newbie who uses mostly hand tools. I watched a few Paul Sellers videos last year, and now I'm blowing paychecks on woodworking. A lot of my time has been spent setting up my modest shop and acquiring tools. Last summer, I built my first bench (based on the Paul Sellers design of course) and managed to make a couple of wall clocks and a few other small projects. This year, I hope to finally tackle dovetails and bigger projects - such as a coffee table. Below are some pics of my work. (Please excuse the under-bench cabinet...guess I didn't have the handles attached when I took this pic.)
  4. Another +1 for Gramercy holdfasts. I had to rough mine up with some 80 grit sandpaper. My bench top is thicker than most (3 1/2"), and they simply would not work out of the box. I also used a very smooth boring bit for my dog holes, so that might have been a factor also. The holdfasts work great now, though! Definitely hard to beat for the price!