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  1. Thanks to everyone who helped me with good intentions i'll keep you posted about the process
  2. I have not so much experience like you, i've built just one pc man, and it will not go under, it will go in the upper part, that's why the blue piece is there on the top, the motherboard will look like an open book on it's stand, the power supply will be under the angled piece
  3. Video card is attached to the motherboard which is the blue piece, hard drives will have to go in the back part attached to it, since its open i thought for no cooling but i just realized that it needs cooling so i will come up with something
  4. Man, you don't have an idea of how much you've helped me right now, really. Thank you, i'll be posting the whole process
  5. Ok everything is wood BUT the block that is the power supply and the blue piece that is trying to be a motherboard, the red piece is supposed to be hollowed
  6. the block represents the power supply, but I am suspicious about that, afraid that this piece could make the angled piece to get out of the place and be abruptly moved, i'm not saying that that movement could damage the pc or something but this electronic things shoud be treated carefully and yes, is meant to be hollowed, for the cables sorry if i speak wrong, this is not my language
  7. so the angled piece have to excel downwards a little bit right?
  8. Looks like that because it's just a model, the dimensions will be larger of course, just need a tecnique for it to stand
  9. no problem, i'm looking for a tecnique for that diagonal piece to stand without any problem or risk
  10. Hello everyone!! i'm like crazy about something i have in mind that includes wood, and a pc, I know this is not a pc forum, I just want to talk about the wood part, i'm building a pc but i want to get out of the traditional and make a very good wooden case, but what is the problem? 1. i dont have tools to work on this project 2 i have absolute zero knowledge about wood and tecniques that you might use on a daily when it comes to work with wood i'm not going to tell you 'hey give me ideas to make this' no. i, in fact made a 3d model of my idea. i've attached the pictures for you to see the idea what's up? that line in the back that is supposed to hold the diagonal piece should no be there, I want the piece to stand for itself, but how??? By the way, i'm thinking of adding another floor down there and for the other components (buttons, USB ports, audio ports and so on..) that additional floor (or table) must have some space for the same components and there the diagonal table might have its balance but i'm just considering that option, i want it to be slim and nice looking I'll make it without help or anything because it's more about a personal matter, it is important to me, that's why i want to make it on my own. any tip or help will be entirely appreciated. i'll upload the progress