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  1. Well it would have been, just texted the guy saying I was on my way.....he sold it this morning SMH. I had told him I would be there at 4 today. Back to the search I guess
  2. I'll be sure to bring a few 2x4 pieces and a moving blanket. Thank you. I have several ratchet straps as well
  3. I found a used rikon 14 10-326 on Craigslist. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow anything I should be on the lookout for? Also I have an hour and a half drive with it should I strap it in vertical or horizontal. Maybe stupid questions but I have no experience with a full sized bandsaw
  4. My space is 30x40. I have a delta contractor's table saw, drill press and a small benchtop bandsaw. A small collection of cheaper routers, circular saws etc. Thank you for the welcome!
  5. Hi everyone seems like a great group here and after looking through the project shocase some highly talented people as well! My name is ken, i like long walks on the beach.... Im new to fine woodworking. Ive built things but always with gaps and with screws for joinery lol i have a modest shop setup and am working to get it all up to snuff. I love this stuff and am excited to try to make something people are proud to own. I hope to learn from you all and maybe contribute what i do know. Im looking forward to getting to you you all. Take care, Ken
  6. Ive been looking for free wood! Will you deliver? Lol nice haul!
  7. That is a little salt spoon and a paté knife from the same board, my son made the paté knife, hes 12 btw
  8. Thank you for the replies. Maybe ill just glue the crack down, refinish and call it a decoration lol it was beautiful before we used it but hey lerning curve right
  9. Hi i made my wife a spoon last week. After soaking in in mineral oil for 4 hours we let it sit for 3 days. She used it to sautee some mushrooms and she washed it the next day (by hand) it started to crack on the end, what gives? Not enough oil? Wrong wood choice? Its made of cherry. How should i finish my spoons so this does doesnt happen again?
  10. This is the bandsaw i have. I watched the video with alex snodgrass on bandsaw setup and im looking forward to setting up mine based on his recommendations thanks everyone
  11. I will look for the video, thank you
  12. Is there a good rule of thumb for how tight the blade should be?
  13. Hi i have a small benchtop delta bandsaw, i was cutting out the rough shape for a spoon the other day. Any time i would try to make a curve the blade would twist and stop. These arent sharp curves i wonder is it just a weak saw? Or is it something i am doing wrong. Any videos that may help? I dont really do anything big, not yet anyway so id hate to go out and get a more expensive saw if its just failure on my part