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  1. I should have gotten what I think is called western red cedar, which has all the rot resistance properties for outdoor furniture. I ended up buying Eastern red cedar which has same properties of western except the outdoor resistance properties.
  2. So I did something dumb and bought 100 board feet of aromatic cedar for planter boxes. Now I bought the wrong kind of cedar for this project. I would be happy if this project could last 5 years. Any finish recommendations for this to be used outdoors for best protection? I bought this wood out of state so returning it is a no go. Or do I just take my losses and use the aromatic cedar for something else?
  3. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I ended up getting those plastic twin wheeled casters but of course the boss changed her mind and has since upgraded her idea from a small cart to a 80x49 inch island. I've already built and face framed the base getting ready for paint and about to use my graco x5 for the first time. Just need to build the top. Will be doing a beach theme like my daughters desk
  4. My wife wants me to build a cricut cart for her craftroom. She wants it to mobile and our room is carpeted. I tried looking online and only hits I got were office chair post. I can't imagine the cart having more than 30 lbs on it. Any recommendations or just get any caster? Cart will be about 30 inches tall by 15 deep by 32.25 wide
  5. If your close to Sacramento ca, there is a place called Sacramento tree rescue. Its part of the tree foundation, and all their trees are donated by the city or citizens that have a tree fall down or cut down instead of throwing it through the chipper. Now you have to look through a lot of garbage but I've found good stuff especially redwood cookies about 52 inches wide 3 inch thick for 800$. Elm cookies the same size and price. I scored an 6 foot redwood slab for 89$ and a smaller English walnut slab for 101$. I cut the redwood into small end tables and English walnut into a coffee table. My d
  6. Just checked and its not perfectly flat. Then I checked my spare and its the same on the right. Slight gap on the very right. So that means my printer bed isn't perfectly level to the print head
  7. Its oval but yeah looking at the "wings" they look like they are bent down a bit but their not.
  8. Its probably my camera skills, I did a light hand sanding on the holes i drilled for my router because there were little burrs. I'll check flatness when I get home. I printed it using PLA. ABS would be better for durability. Time will tell though if it warps after use. The test cut was perfect though. I printed a back up plate just in case if I need.
  9. So testing out my 3d printed jig and 3d printed drawer handles and it was a success. The designer of the 3d printed parts designed it for a makita router so I had to drill holes to accommodate my bosch router. Sawstop table is on hold for now as my wife is making me build the bed I promised her a year ago. But will incorporate these handles in the bed as well
  10. Anyone know of any plywood companies that will ship to residences? I just moved to Idaho and the plywood, dimensional lumber, and hardwood here sucks and extremely expensive to what im used to (i used to pay 8.99 in CA a BF for walnut, here they want 15$ a BF for meh quality). Also their subpar 4x8 3/4 plywood thats a smiley face is 75$ a sheet. A lot of the plywood places i've looked at will only sell to business. I may need to either make a day trip to oregon or utah just to pick up plywood. I even called Canusawood which is highly recommended by ron paulk and in the next state of utah it co
  11. Finally moved to my new house and setting up my shop. The garage walls are bare so no storage for any of my tools. I get the 3rd bay of the 3 car garage for my shop. So first thing i built was a outfeed/assembly table for my new sawstop. Almost done with the table, just need to add shelves for the assortment bins and another shelf for the open part. The table is the same on both sides. I've already made the custom drawer fronts, all they need is a clear coat of epoxy and i need to cut out the spaces for my 3d printed handles to go in. I made 2 drawers, my 5yr old made 1, and my wife made the 4
  12. Yes its called flex something, but its properties are like rubber
  13. If your good at using 3d fusion, you can design any adapter you need and 3d print it. I 3d printed drawer handles for my custom sawstop outfeed table and an 2 inch hose adapter for my bosch router. Also a 3d router plate and router template to cut hole for drawer handle to go into. Of course if your nerdy you can print other cool things. All these files I printed were free, but like I said you can learn 3d fusion and design anything and the program can 3d print it. Everything you see there minus the batman headset holder cost about 5$ worth of filament minus the 3d printer itself which I paid
  14. I currently have a dewalt 779 and I want to sell it and get a smaller miter saw to make a miter station. My question is do I even need a 12. I am more focused on fine wood working and accuracy. I know Marc likes the 12 but I see a lot of other youtubers prefer the 10. I'm either going to get a dewalt 10 chop saw or even debating a 10 inch Bosch with glide. What do you guys think? My thought was to do bigger stock on a table sled thanks