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  1. Yes its called flex something, but its properties are like rubber
  2. If your good at using 3d fusion, you can design any adapter you need and 3d print it. I 3d printed drawer handles for my custom sawstop outfeed table and an 2 inch hose adapter for my bosch router. Also a 3d router plate and router template to cut hole for drawer handle to go into. Of course if your nerdy you can print other cool things. All these files I printed were free, but like I said you can learn 3d fusion and design anything and the program can 3d print it. Everything you see there minus the batman headset holder cost about 5$ worth of filament minus the 3d printer itself which I paid
  3. I currently have a dewalt 779 and I want to sell it and get a smaller miter saw to make a miter station. My question is do I even need a 12. I am more focused on fine wood working and accuracy. I know Marc likes the 12 but I see a lot of other youtubers prefer the 10. I'm either going to get a dewalt 10 chop saw or even debating a 10 inch Bosch with glide. What do you guys think? My thought was to do bigger stock on a table sled thanks
  4. ok thanks, i need to go buy some mineral spirits today
  5. i just bought a sawstop finally and im currently putting it together and am on the cast iron wing extension. I wiped down the cast iron with a show towel but there is still a little oily residue. Whats best way to clean and maintain it. I have a whole can of johnsons paste wax but im not sure if thats what i should apply or if i still need to fully get that oily residue off. thanks
  6. thanks for the input, I've had the money put a side for a long time but didn't want to buy it and then move it across 2 states. I am gonna pick 1 up this weekend at thhe local woodcraft
  7. Like post says, when is the best time to buy a sawstop? I wanted to buy it a couple weeks ago when they were offering the free base but i was in the process of moving out of state and i didnt want to buy it till i got to the new house. Now im finally in the new house and im just wondering if sawstop ever has a certain time of the year where they offer something better than the free base or over arm dust collection. Thanks
  8. thanks for the suggestions, looks like supermax is the one i should be looking. However what unit should i be looking for the dust collector to handle the tablesaw/jointer/planer/ and drumsander? I dont mind if i have to constantly change tools ot dust collector as of right now, i have no dust collector. Everything i have is still new in the box and have been cleaning up after each project with a broom this past year and a half. I do however have a jet 1000 cfm ceiling dust filter that i run during and after shop use
  9. After doing this hobby for about 1 year and a half, i've decided to get serious about tools purchases. I already budgeted to upgrade to a sawstop 3hp PCS which will leave me about 2500-3000 left over for a jointer and drumsander. I already have a planer but really want a drumsander and jointer as one of the things i enjoy the most is milling the wood to the size i need. I have 2 car garage worth of space to work in sharing the 3rd space for the wife's car. I purchased the plans to make a work table/outfeed table with built in dust collection. My question is if the saw dust collection system wo
  10. My table saw is incredibly out of line. I watched a video on my specific saw and i cant just move the cast iron. I have to adjust the motor. but the saw marks are pretty deep and im starting at 80 grit and its taking forever to get rif of the saw marks. To be honest i've done 2 days of sanding at 80 grit and the saw marks arent even going away, i may have to start with 40 or 60. I just did a river table and taking it to my local lumber yard to have it run through their drum sander, i may just bring my cutting board and have them run it through also, thanks for the advice
  11. I need to get off my lazy butt and just hook up my dust deputy and shop vac, but no suction right now, just shooting it into the bag it came with. Im starting at 80 grit and it doesnt seem to take off any end grain at all after 15 minutes of sanding
  12. I have a cheapy ryobi RO sander, and just recently bought 100 mirka sandpaper 5" so would like to stay with 5 inc RO sander. Budget ~150$. I have yet to try the new sand paper on the ryobi yet. Im currently sanding an end grain cutting board and im going through diablo sandpaper like crazy and seems like im not getting anywhere sanding the saw blade marks down. I know end grain is difficult to sand but im pretty sure my 35$ ryobi is also part of the problem too. Thanks in advance
  13. I used cedar planks for a kitchen island counter and covered it in epoxy. I did 3 coats at 1 ounce per square foot to seal the wood and then 3 ounces per square foot for the final coat. The epoxy gives off a tiger's eye effect, if you ever seen a tigers eye rock
  14. Just a cheap ryobi random orbital and diablo disc. I watched a wood whisperer video and I think because I skip grit might be a problem, no dust collection, and i tilt for those pesky spots. I need to fix those problems also i picked up a tip from another video to put a colored dot on the side of the pad, and if i can see the dot while I'm sanding in pressing too hard. Thanks everyone, I'll prob order a 50 pack of 60, 120 or 150, and 220 grit
  15. Basically I'm just looking to buy my orbital sanding disc in bulk. I'm tired of buying the 5-10 packs of each grit. I see a ton of bulk sanding disc kits that have all sorts of grits but what brand should I look for. I've always bought diablo but not sure if that's a good brand since I go through them so fast. Thanks in advance