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  1. This is what I was trying to accomplish with 1x4, maybe 2x4 could have worked but I'm just following a plan I bought
  2. i will be laminating the ply wood or 1x4 together to make a poor man's bridle joint
  3. so i bought the work bench plans from shop nation and his frame for the work bench is made out of 24 1x4x8 boards. i was thinking about just buying 2 sheets of plywood and cutting my own 1x4 to make 24 1x4x8 strips instead of going to homedepot/lowes and going through a pile for 24 straight pieces, i remember being in there for about an hour just looking for 8 2x4 that were decently straight. anyways my question is will the plywood be stronger or weaker than the 1x4 pine boards? i can get decent 3/4 plywood for 47 a sheet and a 1x4 is 3.53 at home depot so were talking about less than a 10 dollar difference thanks
  4. what would be a good alternative to baltic birch for indoor furniture such as platform bed or tv stand? I bought maple plywood and havent seen 1 void yet out of the only 2 sheets i got from the lumber yard for 47$ for a 4x8 3/4 inch. I guess is maple ply still sturdy enough? thanks in advance
  5. so my local lumber store sells Baltic birch 4x8 sheet for 74$, is that a good price??
  6. Sherwin Williams is having a sale on their paint and stains 40% off from april 12-14. I need stains and finishes but not sure what I need. I wanna stock on them now that they are sale so I don't pay full price when I do need a finish. So my question is what are some must have finishes for home furniture projects so I can just stock up and have. thanks
  7. Starting to finally build stuff in my shop. Already made a work table out of maple plywood, but was wondering what plywood is good for indoor furniture. My first 2 projects are gonna be platform bed and TV stand. I have access to Baltic birch, but I don't want to spend that much for a sheet of ply. If it helps, I get my plywood from a lumber yard, not big box stores, thanks
  8. I bought a dewalt dws779 miter saw and i plan on using it for an upcoming project, but im really confused on which blade to upgrade too. I've looked into diablo,freud, irwin maple, and forrest ww2. I'm having a hard time finding a 12 inch blade with a 5/8 arbor, most of them are 1" arbor. If i had to guess i would mostly be using it to cut 2x4 up to maybe 2x10?? which brand blades do you guys go to for blades? thanks in advance
  9. So i think im gonna save up and buy the milwaukee plunge/base set, but i want to start off with a trim router for now just for edging mdf 1/2 and 3/4 inch. Is the 1hp colt bosch a good choice for that? a couple other choices are either rigid or makita all for 99, but the bosch is on sale at lowes for 89, the rigid is tempting as it comes with as a box sander for 99$ but i dont think i would ever use a box sander as i already have a random orbiting sander, thanks for all your good input
  10. Getting ready to pull the trigger on buying a blower fan to build my first air filter. I've decided to go with blower fan as i dont have enough plugs to use 3 - 4 for box fans, i do plan on doing a box fan and hanging it above my work area but would like to make a moveable ground air filter like jay bates here; my question is, is this blower fan good enough for what i want it to do? or should i buy like a dayton furnace blower? or even looking at a hvac place and buying a fan off one of their broken furnaces?
  11. So after doing a couple post here, i've decided to first invest into some sort of dust collection and filtration system before i start buying anymore tools. As a few have suggested i would like to buy a 2hp harbor freight dust collector, but before i do that i would like to also build about 3 (2 on the ground and 1 on ceiling or visa versa) box fan filter systems. Done a lot of you tube watching and seems like most people like to run 3 filters. My question is what Merv should i get? i was thinking about getting 11 merv or even 13 merv or even 8 merv. I dont mind it being overkill as i want to protect my lungs as best i can. Also is 3 filters too much esp with such high merv?? seems like the higher the merv, the less cmf i might get out of the fan or even might burn out the fan. Also any suggestions on a good respirator or mask would be greatly appreciated. My work shop will be 1 side of a 2 car garage, thanks
  12. thanks for the replies, Maybe the delta and some other tools might make sense. I like the delta because the fence seems to be better than the rigid although i was looking at the rigid first. I have plenty of handtools, mostly mechanic. I would love to get a jointer and a planer though, any suggestions on those? browsing the forum everyone suggest the dewalt, but after researching youtube on the dewalt everyone says you need the 400$ upgrade on the helical blades because their only complaint is the dewalt blades not lasting that long
  13. Like title says im looking to add to my side of a 2 car garage a table saw. I was looking at the delta 36-735 for 599 but was wondering for a weekend warrior should i get something better?? i only intend to do diy furniature and weekend projects as i work full time and with a 4 year old can only musture such little time to do wood working. Tax season is coking up and also my yearly bonus from my job is coming up at same time so im looking at roughly a sub 2k (after taxes and i live cali) table saw for just diy projects was looking at laguna fusion 2 after i finally got a chance to visit a rockler store
  14. like the title says, im slowly trying to turn my side of a 2 car garage into a workshop,(i am a beginner) and a router would be a good addition to what little i have. I have narrowed it down to 2 routers with plunge and fixed base options here they are 1 2 to be honest i think either 1 would be a great first router, just wanted to get your guys opinions, thanks
  15. This is what I would like to do, he uses the same saw delta saw I was looking at, you think this would be good enough for dust collection? also is the harbor freight one do a good job? if there are better ones out there I wouldn't mind spending a little extra to save my health, thanks, the guy in the video uses a wen air filter, thanks for your reply