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    My opinion is probably not very popular but if I had to guess. We have technology that would propel us into the star trek age but its all suppressed for the elite of this world. Kind of like the movie elysium. I have read that we as a planet have had been traveling throughout space since the 30s. Way before Jpl which is now nasa. I mean nicoli tesla turned a model t into an electric car that could go 90 miles just by strapping the device to the engine. Yet electric cars are like what 10 years old? Also after jp morgan found out tesla was making free energy tech, he immediately strapped all funding and destroyed his tesla towers. So yeah the government has stuff that would blow our minds funded by us. Just my thoughts, no proof of any of this
  2. thats why he specifically picked that caterpillar fan because the motor is enclosed so no dust can get in the motor
  3. i've ordered the filters and fans and im going to do this build. He has the fan blowing inside the box so the dust collects on the inside of the filters (pull) as opposed to (push) where the fan blows upwards and the dust collects on the outside. He makes some good points as to why he does pull so dust doesnt get blown around in the shop nor having the dust that sits on the outside of the filter to get disturbed and possible get loose and float around the shop. However my thoughts are its only collecting dust from the top via sucked from the back of the fan instead of through 8 potential ways for the dust to get sucked it. Which do you think is a better setup push or pull
  4. Unfortunately I wasn't in the home theater scene when that happened nor have I heard of it. Oppo stopped making blue ray players soon after I was getting into it. Gotta watch out for snake oil for sure. Thats why I went diy route. Even my subs are custom built. A buddy of mine builds subwoofers and he built them for me. He's good friends with ultra audio so he can get parts whenever he needs them. is where he gets the parts. Lordofbass is a sister company of ultra audio. He built these monster 21 inch subs the owner of those subs built my boxes too. This was before I had tools
  5. When I was really into home theater. I watched movies on my htpc. You needed a good graphics card for the best 4k experience. I spent a good couple hours tweaking the settings in madvr. Had to download 3 sample videos 720p, 1080p, and 3680p or whatever 4k is and raise the settings until the frame rates dropped for each video. It sucked but it was either that or buying an oppo at 1000$ or Panasonic blue ray player for 400$. For streaming though its really hard to beat Nvidia shield pro
  6. I was. I haven't been on there in a long time. But the people there were helpful
  7. Have you heard of eminence or lavoce for 21 subs? The box is called the devastator. Supposed to be best of both worlds for mid and low frequency. Yeah I have htm 12 and currently building the 1099. The htm 12 is hard to beat price/performance. I'm curious how they compare to the 1099s
  8. I fell deep into the rabbit hole for diy audio. Have you looked into outlaw amps? Made by the same company that makes Macintosh amps. They also under spec their power unlike other companies. On their 5 channel its advertised at 125 per channel but audioholics did a dino test on it and it consistently at 135 watts per channel. I'm currently building lcr for my living room im just too lazy to make the crossovers. I built some theater speakers like the ones in the cinemas.
  9. I should also add i bought 2. 1 for me and 1 for work. I'm copying my works mitersaw design since that's what I use daily
  10. This is why I need to change lengths quickly. This is just 1 house and I do 2 sometimes 3 houses a week. When I got in cabinetry I thought it was gonna be like fine woodworking. Turns out its just like construction. Have to keep up. If your wondering we build for new construction houses and this particular house or model is 8k square feet. Our kreg stop block is done. Doesnt hold in t track anymore and moves to easily. The material i use is 3 3/8 inch by 8ft for hdf or 10ft for harwood so going gentle against stop block is hard because I cut 2 at a time and white oak sucks Thanks for reply. We used a. Kreg so its offset like 2 inches from the indicator so it would need to extend 2 inches out and its just a small brass screw. I'm trying to brainstorm how I'm going to incorporate it
  11. I just bought Johnathan katz moses zero dflection stop block for my miter station however im trying to figure out how to incorporate it with the tape measure on the fence. I've searched hairline indicator and cursor trying to find options to add to the stop block so i can accurately measure. Every reviews of the stop block doesnt seem to use any measuring system. any ideas would be helpful. i dont have the miter station built yet but the fence will 1/8th inch behind the miter saw fence with a t track on top for tape measure and stop block to mount in
  12. This is perfect for me as I need a miter saw for a station I'm about to build. I own the 779 but the slider takes up too much room in the back and I have cross cut sled so no longer need it. Dewaly 715 on sale for decent price
  13. Are you talking about getting the epoxy off after a pour or just flattening your slab after the pour? 60 grit makes quick work of the epoxy if your just trying to get the excess off. But if your flattening i personally just went to my local hardwood dealer and paid them to flatten it. They charged 35 for my small slabs and 75 for my larger one. I have a router sled too but im just lazy and don't wanna clean up after. To answer your question about hand planning, there is nothing wrong with that.
  14. Looking to pipe my dust collection system with 4 inch pvc pipe. Specifically schedule 20 because of its cost efficiency. I know rockler sells schedule 40 pvc pipe attachments but schedule 40 is 75$ per 10 ft as a opposed to 35$ per 10ft for schedule 20. I've called everywhere locally here in Idaho. pipe companies, building supply, sewer supply, electric supply, big box stores, hardware stores, plumbing repair, farm/tractor supply stores and no one carries it. Well 1 ace hardware had 2 sticks and i asked them if they could order more and they said its back ordered no eta. I might pick up those 2 sticks but i need about 40 ft worth. I called every online dealer that came up in search and they only sell 2.5 inch pipe. Anyone else have any other suggestions before i bite the bullet and just pay for schedule 40? i checked for sewer/drain pipe as in some states call it that instead of schedule 20 but when i asked, they told me it was schedule 35
  15. I'm doing a lot of research on HVLP sprayers for lacquer finish for spraying furniture. My budget is 500-600$. There seems to a split opinion on gravity vs siphon. This will be for spraying lacquer only. I have a graco 5 for paint. I'm having a hard decision of going with a fuji semi pro or buying an air compressor with a decent spray gun (like a husky or tcp gun). My real only concern with the fuji is it seems pretty loud and is constantly on whether im spraying or not. So my question is do you prefer gravity or siphon for lacquer and if the turbine setups are really better as some people claim vs the air compressor setup. I'm probably over thinking this as it seems lacquer is pretty easy to spray and is somewhat forgiving. FWIW the cabinet shop i work at uses graco 5 to spray lacquer for their finishes but i'm honestly not a fan of the graco 5 for lacquer. I like it for paint though