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  1. I have the Cutech 8" jointer with the teflon bed and the helical cutter head with high speed steel blades. I bought it in a combo pack with the 12.5" planer with helical cutter head and high speed steel blades. I love the jointer, the planer is just OK. I only got into woodworking last year so I've never operated a full size floor standing jointer or planer - so my opinion only has so much value. The jointer has extensions that are surprisingly stable. The fence is extruded aluminum, and it's a little bit of a pain to calibrate, but it holds true once it's set up. The cutterheads do a nice job, the motor seems powerful enough. I have a pretty small basement shop, so I'm not sure I'll ever have room for a full size floor standing jointer - so this one does a nice enough job and the price is right. The planer is so-so. It bogs out pretty easily and I can't seem to get the snipe out, so I've given up on that. Both tools are available from other manufacturers. Cutech (now Wahuda I guess) had the best features (the helical cutterheads, teflon coated bed, few other things) and the best price. I'd buy the DW735 if I was buying a planer again, but for the jointer - I'm not aware of other better benchtop options.
  2. So about 9 months after this post I bought a Laguna 14bx 2.5hp bandsaw. It's a fantastic saw - I'm still learning of course, but I'm loving the fact that it has substantial horsepower and a reasonable resaw capacity. I bought it from Amazon of all places. Laguna was selling all their saws at 10% off at pretty much all their dealers, and Amazon would deliver it to my house for free so it made the most sense for me to purchase it from them. When it was delivered, the weld that holds the main vertical body to the horizontal base was broken and as a result, the whole thing was wobbly. Fortunately Amazon was happy to ship a replacement and pick up the broken one quickly. The second saw arrived in perfect condition and I've been happily sawing away. Just figured I'd update this post with the outcome. Thanks again for everyone's help!
  3. I wanted to reply and say thanks again for all of the feedback in this thread. Tons of valuable information here - I learned quite a bit! I think my plan going forward is to keep an eye on craigslist and local auction sites while saving for the possibility of purchasing a new Grizzly 14". I have to say I'm really impressed with the quality of responses I've received in this thread. Such a wealth of information was presented, and in a friendly, helpful way. Thank you all!
  4. What I'm seeing for sale on Craigslist right now isn't encouraging, but I also don't need to make a decision or purchase at this exact moment either. I see a fair amount of rusty antiques for next to nothing and then a few new-ish models where the seller is asking for 90% of what the saw costs new. I'll keep my eye on craigslist though until I get closer to making a decision.
  5. Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate the detailed advice - what a fantastic welcome for a new user to the forum Is the Grizzly G0555LX 14" saw a reasonable option? It has a max cut height of 6" and looks to be $725 after shipping. It seems that there's a lot of love for Grizzly products on this forum and elsewhere. They seem to fill the mid-tier "not high end, but still extremely capable" niche in the market. The Rikon 10-306 10" saw that Chestnut mentioned appears to be pretty capable with a 5" max cut height. And it's remarkably cheaper at $350-$400. Other than cut height, what disadvantage may I run into down the road? Lack of power?
  6. Hello, I got into woodworking towards the end of last year and now have a modest little shop in my basement. Current equipment includes a job site table saw, router with fixed and plunge base, a router table similar to Patrick Sullivan's excellent design found on youtube ( ), a dust collector / separator using a top hat style Thien baffle, jig saw, cordless drill and other hand tools. I also have a Cutech jointer and planer on the way. My goal is to get into building Craftsman style furniture. I'm especially infatuated with the Morris chair. Most plans I find online for this chair suggest using a drill press for making mortises and a bandsaw for cutting curves in the armrest. At first I thought I could get by with a low cost drill press and bandsaw. But as I research the topic more I'm starting to believe that a low cost benchtop bandsaw may not work at all. I think I may still be able to get away with a low cost benchtop drill press however. Can anyone provide me with some guidance? Is a small, cheap bandsaw ($150) a workable option for at least some Craftsman style furniture? Or am I only going to be throwing that money away? Additionally, do you think I can get away with a small, cheap drill press ($150) for a while - or is that a lost cause too? Thanks in advance for any feedback! Dave