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  1. going to try to return it to the seller through Ebay.  We'll see how that works! I've never tried to return an ebay item before. The saw isn't a benchtop unit.  I guess it is more of a contractor model - has it's own metal frame stand.  I'll do a little more research and order a new dado set.  I appreciate the timely advise from you folks!

  2. Hi folks.

    Hoping someone here can tell me what I might be doing wrong.  I have an old Craftsman direct drive tablesaw.  I just bought a NOS 7 inch dado set off Ebay for it.  It's pretty cool and I am really hopeful I can use it but something isn't working quite right.   As you can see from the pics the chippers seem to be about 1/32" smaller that the blades.  This doesn't make sense to me so I am hoping someone might know what I might be doing wrong.  you can see in the pics that I did a few variations of chippers, using the 1/16" and different combinations of 1/8" chippers to see if maybe one was off or if it is something else.  Any ideas or did I somehow buy a defective set and need to just buy a new dado set.  if that is the case, it seems that 7inch dado sets are uncommon.  Will my crappy tablesaw be able to handle an 8" set?



    dado set.jpeg

    dado groove 1.jpeg

    dado groove 2.jpeg

  3. 1 hour ago, Tom King said:

    Is the full length ever needed?  If not, cut it down, and use part of it.

    Even though I can't imagine ever needing to lower the base down to the bottom, it is designed such that i need the full length.  the bottom of the rack sits in groove at the base of the press and the top of the rack sits in a similar groove at the top.  The base is able to rotate around the column as the two ends slide in the grooves.  up to this point in my short woodworking life I haven't found out why I would need to rotate the base but that is a different question altogether.


    the attached is not mine but is the exact same drill press.



  4. I have an old drill press.  Target Machinery Industry Co. LTD.  Model TT-16. mfg 1987.  Made in Taiwan.

    The column gear rack is bent and I want to try to replace it.  ereplacement can't find anything on that model so I thought I might be able to find an equivalent part based on the actual dimensions of the rack.  This rack is .66" wide, .34" deep and 34 1/4" long.  does anyone have any ideas?

  5. I'm a real newby at this avocation.  I've tried a couple of end tables with minimal success so far. I was unable to get good square cuts so things weren't lining up well. I think I am going to try some smaller items to work on skills and confidence.  maybe some tissue boxes, bedside docking station, things like that.

  6. yeah, I was hoping I would just be able to adjust the guide assy left or right but that doesn't appear possible.  The blade guide (that holds the inserts) when not locked down by the set screw seems very loose inside the slot.  It slides forward and back correctly but also has a lot of play left and right but no way to make an adjustment there.

  7. Hello all.  I've been lurking and reading here for a couple of months now.  I am very new to woodworking and I'm putting together a shop mostly from garage sale/craigslist items.  I got a 12" Craftsman bandsaw that has been in storage for a number of years.  It runs well but needed some tuning up.  I have put new tires and thrust bearings on it so far.  While aligning the blade I discovered this issue.  the blade rubs against the upper blade guide (not the insert!).  I have a few pictures that hopefully show the issue.  I am not sure what the cause is?  Is the blade guide worn out?  Is the blade guide bar/bracket worn out?

    the last one is the lower blade guide as a comparison

    any advise from the learned folks on this forum is greatly appreciated!

    bandsaw guide 2.jpg

    bandsaw guide 1.jpg

    bandsaw guide 3.jpg

    bandsaw guide 4.jpg

    lower bandsaw guide 1.jpg