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  1. Thanks I appreciate the advice! Hes going to power wash and stain them the shorter boards light colored and the taller ones a darker color, or the other way around.. I was hoping he'd let me cut them straight and all one size or slope it .. maybe something like this last picture the he bought tons of these 2x6's from a oil rig company for 50 cents a board so 2x6's and very few 2x4s and 1x6s is all I have to work with and I'm .. this is my first fence,it is fun and a little difficult because it slopes even where the gate is going .. I'm 31 so I still have alot to learn. I'm just stumped on what to do with the short ones if I cap the tall ons or if I cap it at all .. I thought about doubling up on the short 2x6 so the stick out a little more and make it not so flat
  2. I've never built a fence in my life but my moms friend wanted one sonim trying my hand at it . The design is what he picked , i dont care for it but my question is how to I put trim and or if it should be capped on a board on board fence when the design is 6 2x6's 8ft tall 1 2x6 7 ft tall 6 and 1, 6 and 1, etc, keep in mind these are recycled 2x6-s also I did not put the posts in whoever did did not use a a string line because some of them are crooked but I did my best to make it straight as possible.,,, again not my choice in style jhst need to figure out some trim ideas , if you can please comment with pic or just give me detailed information Thanks