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  1. Thank you Ace! I greatly appreciate your time & assistance. I contacted Minwax yesterday & they suggested using a blow dryer. Didn’t work. Then, light sanding. Didn’t work.( So no, you can’t pick it off. It’s crusted on) Now the recommendation is for Citrus Stripper followed by a wipe on poly. Going to give it a try. Does that sound like a viable option in your experience? If that doesn’t work, I’ll give the wire brush method a Go. You’re right, I don’t relish the thought of scratching up the textured surface. That is the whole reason we went with the ash in the first place. Thanks again. 

  2. 9 hours ago, Tom King said:

    I don't know.   It's just the first thing I would try.   You don't want to put enough heat on it to change the color of the wood, but it might bring out what's locked under the top coat, or soften it enough to get it off.  I would try just a small spot over on one edge.

    Thanks Tom! I may give it a try!

  3. 23 minutes ago, Chet said:

    There are some good finish experts here and I sent a message to one with a link to your post here, hopefully they will check in on this.

    You people are amazing! This is my first time on this forum and I can’t believe how kind you all are to try & help me. 

  4. 25 minutes ago, drzaius said:

    I love the bug tunnels under the bark & find them much more interesting than just the regular live edge. But sorry, I have no suggestions for a cure the gray splotches.

    I know! I love those tunnels too. I’m concerned the integrity of the bark will be compromised if I have to do anything drastic to clear the blotches. Thanks for your feedback!

  5. Hey Helpers! Mr. Rogers always said to look for the helpers in any I’m searching diligently for some advice on my recent mini crisis. (Definitely a first world problem) 

    I have a beautiful ash mantle firmly attached above my fireplace.  Flat on top & bottom. Worm tracks/tunnels (this non-technical verbiage reveals my skill set) are on front edge. When it was mounted above the fireplace 2 years ago, 2 coats of Danish oil were rubbed onto this raw wood. Lovely.

    Recently, it became dull & rather dried out. We’re too busy with jobs & kids to keep treating it with Danish oil so I sought some advice from a woodworker friend. He advised:

    1. Lightly rub with Mineral Spirits on a rag.

    2. Put 2 thin coats of Minwax Polycrylic. Satin 

    I did step 1.  Let it dry extensively. Then did 1 coat of the Polycrylic & let it dry overnight. Much to my sad surprise the next morning, there were gray splotches intermittently on the front wormy part . Not on the top or bottom. A gray,  hazy film on both ends but densely splotchy on the front, textured part. A pisser. What to do?

    I took the Mineral Spirits & once again, rubbed down the front, worm trails surface. Miraculously, it was damp appearing and seemed to clear! Kept my fingers crossed & said a prayer... Nope. Once it dried, the big gray blotches were back.

    Google searches have proven unsuccessful & now I’m unsure how to proceed??? Any suggestions?