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  1. Hi I am flea marketing for some chisels and came across some Japanese chisels. Anyone know what brand these are and if they are any good?
  2. I called up my local mill guy and he said they've got some mulberry slabs they'd be willing to mill into boards for me. Can't wait to see what it looks like. Thanks for the replies and recommendations!
  3. Ronn, I have used hackberry only once but I thought it was amazing! It grows like a weed here in Illinois and you can usually get it for around $0.50/bdft. When I used it, I got a lot of tan and gray streaks. It is actually harder than I would've imagined considering how fast it grows.
  4. Hello woodworking friends, Quick broad question: what is your favorite Non-typical domestic wood species (no red or white oak, cherry, walnut, Hickory, or maple). I've been using Sycamore in my projects recently, and I have been really impressed with its beauty, workability, and inexpensiveness. I'd like to expand my wood selection even further! Post pics of projects you've done with a unique domestic wood and let me know why you like it!
  5. Thanks for the compliments! It's very motivating. I've been woodworking just over a year and I'm in love with it. Can't take credit for all of the design though. I saw a picture in a magazine ad of a similar bench.
  6. The bench shoe rack is glued up with a coat of finish on it now. Pretty happy with it! Thanks for the finishing advice. If only I had better lighting for pictures..
  7. Dry fit went well and I've already got half the parts glued up and prefinished. Hoping to do the final assembly tomorrow. It's made of walnut (that i bought for dirt cheap on Fb marketplace. That is the greatest way to buy anything used these days). The dowels or spindles I made of maple. I'm pretty excited! It's an awful fancy shoe rack!
  8. Thanks for the replies! I will go ahead and pre-finish everything that doesn't receive glue. I'll post pictures of the last couple steps and final assembly in this thread today and tomorrow.
  9. Hello and happy woodworking! I'm building a bench/shoe rack of walnut. It is nearly complete! I only need one more sanding step at 180. I'm beginning to think about what pieces I can pre-finish (arm-r-seal semi-gloss). The top of the bench sits flush with the top of the apron and legs by way of a grove in the apron and a rabbet in the top (see pictures for a general idea). What are the pros and cons of pre-finishing the entire top including the rabbet and the groove as opposed to not finishing rabbet and the groove. I guess the same could apply for pre-finishing the entire panel of a frame and panel. The bench top floats in the groove to allow for wood movement. Thanks!
  10. Thanks Gary. I set a boiling humidier underneath the door with the concave side facing down. It seemed to work well. All the corners are now on the same plane, which is most important to me. There is a dip in the middle because I over steamed the center, but that's acceptable. Thanks again for the advice.
  11. I recently built an oak whiskey cabinet with all traditional joinery. It has a solid wood split panel door. It turned out really well and everything was perfectly square. I brought it inside the house (very dry) to show it off. I accidentally left the cabinet door on the kitchen table and when I woke up the next morning, the door was twisted about 1/4 inch. I know I can adjust the hinges to make it work, but I'd rather it be flat because it is an inset door. Is there a way to unwarp the door while it's still unfinished? Thanks!