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    A lover of woods of all sorts, good tools especially like planes, chisels, all sorts of handwork, work-benches, finishing techniques, finishes and, and, and....I simply love wood. Been at this game mostly during the winters here as I have a love of fishing, mainly fly fishing but also run after the walleyes, pike and muskies. I love to fly fish the lakes too nit just Wis. streams for trout. Former tool designer, now retired, V. Nam vet. There's still not enough time in a day...

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  1. Me day! Some beautiful work Brian. Chairs and ... those angles, they give me grief just thinking about them. One day though as John said, I might try one. If it's anywhere close to successful it might be the beginnings of a new lust! Scary... These are stunning!
  2. Derek, New fellow here and I'm beginning to browse around a bit after coming out of my shop and the dust... Really nice job you did on this guy. I like the way you detailed the important aspects of the job as it answered some questions. Nice work indeed. I'd be proud!!! Thanks for taking all those pics too. Good stuff! Jeremy.
  3. Seems I just read this note on FB last week too. A great test for newbies... The blue-collar guy in me wanted to say to pick up an 8' board. If it's "weighty" it's likely red oak. If it's (cough, cough, excuse me here...) heavier'n he!! then it's white!
  4. Congrats on the PM Kev. You'll totally love it. In my small basement shop I stepped up to a PM Model 66 20 yrs ago and it was one of the best decisions I've made. I'm simply a hobbyist w/a small room (1/3 the basement) and put mine on a moveable base (which I've never moved!!!). Even on the base that saw is so smooth I've balanced a nickel on edge and turned the saw on/off for some friends - who didn't believe me - and the coin never fell over! She's super smooth and extremely reliable. 3 H.P. 220v, not the bigger saw. And that fence is awesome!! You'll love her!
  5. Hello boys 'n girls, Another Minnesota guy here looking around for a good wood forum and it seems I've found just that. Been a serious hobbyist for nearly 40 yrs. w/a basement woodshop with modest tools. Got a bunch of wood from a few trees taken down, dragged to the sawmill and aired for a few years. That was over 25 yrs. ago and now I have to get past "falling in love" with many boards and saw 'em up. Seriously, it's an odd feeling... I love hand tools and handwork. Did a bunch of dovetailing a good while back and need to get some practice in again. In 1993 (or so??) I built a nice hard maple workbench from a FWW mag. article which I used to get every month for 30 yrs. and used Scott Landis' book on workbenches. The same one Frank Klaus built on the old Swedish Cabinetmakers style. One of the best tools in my shop! Anyway, glad I found this place. It seems there are a lot of knowledgeable folk here and believe me, that's so appreciated when a guy needs help. And I do, most times when trying new methods or needing info. on varied finishes etc. There's nothing like a good piece of wood....!