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  1. I have a 5hp compressor motor and was wondering if this would be ok to use for a dust collector motor that i'm planning to build myself. I'm planning on buying a backward inclined fan blade and making the housing from sheet metal. Has anyone here done this, and was it worth the effort over purchasing a professional unit?
  2. I guess so. The iguana cage is twice the size of the cage he spent the last 8 years in. I let them out to walk around every once in a while.
  3. The size of your shop/work area determine what tools you can have, but a circular saw and drills are essential. Are you making these to be decorative pieces of furniture, or just housing a large number of reptiles for breeding? I have an Iguana and two bearded dragons that I've made cages for. The bearded dragon cage came first, and the fake rock surrounding turned out horribly; I got a little better by the second one. There are still things I wish I'd done differently. If you want to do the fake rock, I would recommend coating the foam with Stucco mix or surfacing cement with fibers. I used the surface cement on areas my iguana climbs on, and did not think of the basking area where he just sits and scratches the wall, pulling all the foam off. First cage Second Cage
  4. Hi, I'm Scott from Fayetteville NC/ Fort Bragg area. I moved here from Macon GA in 2004 when I joined the Army, and got out in 2011, and I currently work as a Tattoo Artist. I'm not new to woodworking, but not much more than a novice. I've done a few projects for myself over the last few years out of a small garage, and a year or so ago I bought a place with a large detached shop that was previously used for woodworking. I hope to get everything organized and make more projects throughout the year, but I have a long way to go. Here is one of my favorite projects that I finished a little over a year ago for my 12 year old Iguana; It only took me over a year to make.
  5. I recently made this floor sweep hose attachment that works amazingly, and keeps me from having to kick up more dust with a broom. I will be adding a magnet to the front to pick up any metal and keep it out of the system. I've never used a floor sweep, but this works for me. Hope this helps.