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  1. Andy1453

    What kind of wood is it?

    i forgot to mention that we partially watered the slabs half the way up to have an idea how its goin to look finished. Otherwise they were planed the same way
  2. Andy1453

    What kind of wood is it?

    Yes. We bought it for European walnut. We liked the sapwoodpart as it will serve as a pattern in the middle an as we saw itcreates a more interesting result than a refined all brown walnut tabletop(which is great anyway). I will post a picture of how we intend to put the slabs together . PS I will get a closeup of the slab that thought it was inconsistent with walnut.
  3. Andy1453

    What kind of wood is it?

    Yes i do know what it was sold for. Just want to have another more experienced opinion.
  4. Hi all I need some help I have bought 4 slabs(pics attached) of a specific variety for a table top project from a wood merchant. Thing is there as some discrepancies among the slabs that have made me question a) the quality of the wood b)what type of wood am i really holding and if all 4 belong to the same wood variety. I have turned each slab upside down in the second pic. Thanks