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  1. Clemenules

    Oil + wax mix: finish and maintenance question

    Thx for answers so far. I could trial and error my way through this but would much rather learn from others and speed things up. Re. oil acting as a softener for the wax: that's the only thing that would make sense. Maybe adding a little turpentine would further facilitate this?
  2. Can I use an oil and wax mixture for maintenance of pieces that I have previously finished with an oil and wax mix? Seems to me there is contradicting information on this. I'm aware of the following info: 1. We can mix wax with (boiled) linseed oil to create a 2-in-1 finish. Oil penetrates the wood, wax leaves a subtle shine and soft protective layer. 2. We can not apply oil over wax. Oil needs to penetrate the wood. In the presence of wax it will just sit on the wax and not be useful for wood. We can apply the oil, but when we wipe of the excess, you're basically wiping off everything you applied in the first place.... This sounds logical to me and seems like an exercise in futility, no? Thanks for sharing your insights!