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  1. Hi Coop, for the pine, we're looking to pay under $100 / box (including materials) and probably a bit more for the walnut. I appreciate your interest, but think we prefer a builder located within driving distance to avoid shipping costs. We are 10 miles from Philly, in NJ.
  2. Yes, thanks John. I've gotten some good responses from people who are interested enough to discuss the details on the phone. Admin Edit: Please don't post your phone number..
  3. Yes, we have been making the boxes for ourselves years and understand all aspects and costs. We need to bring in a provider who can supply more for us now. It will be very profitable for a woodworker who wants the activity and has the skill level we require.
  4. These will be used as shoe shine boxes. They will be "furniture quality."
  5. Hello members! We are looking for a woodworker who can make approx. 20 wooden boxes for us per month. They will be made of pine or walnut, approx. 11× 8 x 11 in. We are located near Philly. Please contact Steve: 856-304-7348.