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  1. Thank you, I was thinking of this but what you just stated re-affirms. I should've specified that I wouldn't have any "visible" cross support between the legs near the floor. I appreciate everyone's insight who's commented. Any suggestion on the amount of table overhang on the sides?
  2. Hello Everyone, I've recently finished a farmhouse style tabletop that is 40"W x 84" L. I was originally going to build a trestle style wooden base, but have now decided to buy "X-Frame" tube steel metal legs. I'm planning on attaching the legs so there will be about 20" of overhang on each end. I am looking for advice/guidance in how wide the metal legs should be and how much overhang I should have on each side of the table. There won't be a cross support between the two metal legs. Any advice is appreciated, thank you for your time. Photo of newly made table top and metal legs I plan to purchase attached for reference.