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  1. I stripped, sanded and refinished my stairs in my house which is almost 40 years old. The stair treads appear to be made of pine and were once covered in carpet prior to us purchasing the home in 2011. Obviously there are a lot of imperfections and carpet staple holes so I’m not looking for perfection. I purchased American Tecnologies “WoodFil EPOXY” wood filler for some rather large spots of which one was right on the rounded front edge of one of the treads. Everywhere else I used it, the filler and surrounding wood accepted the stain just fine so I’m not convinced the filler is the issue. This one spot on the top tread (of course) where I filled in a large indentation with the filler and it’s surrounding area will not darken up. I used General Finishes “Java Gel” oil based stain. I tried “roughing up” the area with coarse sandpaper and that didn’t work. I tried applying mineral spirits to “open up the grain” and left the gel stain on for an extended period and that didn’t work either. I have searched the web and YouTube under multiple search criteria and cannot find a solution to this issue. Willing to try any suggestions?