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  1. 1 hour ago, Mark J said:

    There shouldn't be anything wrong with those blade sizes.  They are 1/4" short, but Jet told me that was OK when I asked.  

    The pulley thing is curious.  So here is the current page from the Jet web site on the jwbs-14sfx:  

    Take a close look at the pictures of the saw.  The photo with the lower cabinet door open clearly shows this third pulley is no longer present.  

    In my machine the third pulley travels in a horizontal slot that you can partially see behind the wheel in my pictures.  The pulley moves to the left or right to adjust tension on the drive belt, and there is a knob on the right edge of the cabinet for making this adjustment.  If you don't have this pulley how is the drive belt tension adjusted?  And as a further confusion some of the photos on the current web page show the same drive belt tension knob and some do not.  

    Oddly the product manual at the current web site still says that a 5/8" x 116 1/4"  blade is included, but the photographs do not show a blade on the saw.

    Oh and the neat video at the web page shows a saw that is so different from either my version or the current version that it has to be an entirely different model.  17"?.  

    Looking at the serial number on my machine, it looks like at date. Possibly when it was completed in the factory. I received delivery in early march but the serial implies it is a year old(2018-12-16).



  2. 29 minutes ago, Mark J said:

    Well that's aggravating. 

    I'm not experiencing similar problems with blade and motor alignment.  My upper guides maintain alignment with the blade along the full travel of the guard and the motor and pulleys seem aligned.  This doesn't help you much, though.  

    I did notice when I got down and looked that there is a third pulley in the lower section of my machine.  



    This is the belt tensioning pulley.

    Mine was bought last Nov and I also noticed that Jet has changed the shape of the base since then.  Mine is rectangular and the new ones are a trapezoid.  So I'm wondering if the pulley thing might be a further design alteration?

    Thanks for pointing out the un-captured blade tensioning mechanism.  I will keep an eye on that.


    If the tension is loosened too much there is nothing to keep the threaded rod from disengaging from the nut.   Just looking at my machine it seems I would have to back off the tension quite a bit though, still I've got other things to do with 4 hours.  Just out of curriosity what size blade were you mounting?

    I ordered the bandsaw through my local woodcraft and it did not come with a blade. I purchased 3/4 inch Starret and 1/4 Timerwolf. I have so far only used the 3/4 inch blade.

    Wow! Yours does have a third pulley.


  3. One more thing for a new owner is the blade tension adjustment is not capped at the end. if you turn the wheel too far the bolt keeping the tension spring in place will fall off. It will result loosing about 4 hours trying to get the top wheel off to re-assembly the tension spring.

    I could not get it off easily. Jet support suggested to hit the shaft with a dead blow hammer to loosen it. This worked for me.

  4. I purchased the Jet 14SFX last month and I have had the same initial findings. I too setup the bandsaw saw and used the snodgrass method to tune. The overall quality was poor from the factory. Lowering or increasing the blade height adjustment is sloppy and has enough play to where I have to make an adjustments to all upper bearing guides. The lower wheel and motor pulley were misaligned. This led to the quick deterioration on the v-belt which came off the pulleys after about a week and half use.

    Dealing with Jet support was extremely frustrating.  I went through their endless hoops just to prove to them what the issue was. In the end they sent me another belt, but the wrong size. I called them back and they insisted that the belt fits and there was a 3rd pulley I needed to put around it. I sent them a at the anatomy on of lower components where there was no 3rd pulley. As well as the exploded diagram of the bandsaw in the manual. Also sent them photos of the original v-belt with the correct size and what size belt it stated in the manual.

    I am too far about hour and half to the closest Jet Service Center. I wish I had this information before I bought it. Or really I wish I could just return it and spent the extra $100 for the Laguna.

    In the end I bought a link belt on Amazon just to get back up running.