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  1. I got the Laguna 18/47. It's in really good shape; I was surprised to find out it stops immediately if there is a catch; which I had with a carbide tool. Pretty smooth, plus a bunch of blanks, even some nice size chunks of claro walnut.
  2. I went to see this lathe in Seattle. It was in pristine condition, the original belt looked new. Even came with a outboard floor tool rest. I did pass on it because I found a laguna 18/48 in excellent condition with a whole bunch of nice big bowl blanks for a few hundred more.
  3. Looking at a Delta 46-525 right now. I gave up on the Oliver.
  4. I have the chance of getting an older Delta variable speed lathe,two nova chucks,and various Robert sorby tools, and the swing over lexan guard, for 650.00. It appears to have been used very little. does anyone have any experience with this type of lathe? The photo is a similar type (Rockwell not delta) I believe it was made around 1980. It only has a 12" swing, but I have seen riser blocks for it on eBay.
  5. I'm not sure what I'll end up doing. I don't have the $$$ to buy new, still looking around.
  6. I'm looking at this lathe for purchase to use for general purpose turning; such as small bowls, spindles, pens. He said he would sell for 850.00. It has new bearings and runs very well. I am wondering if the lathe that was designed for pattern makers is good for general purpose, or I should look elsewhere. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. I ordered the set from lee valley tools. Now to get mad and throw stuff!
  8. I had a problem with the blade at 45 hitting the aluminum holder for the inserts. I called, sent photos. No resolve; they asked if I loosened all the table saw bolts and moved the table over; I said that was the first thing I did. Still hit the screws that hold the insert. No resolve from company that makes them. I wouldn't buy them if I were you.
  9. Anyone have a recommendation for a good file for dovetail saws (rip filed)? I was even thinking of mailing it out to have an expert sharpen it. It is very old but in great condition.
  10. Or sacrifice a 100 grit belt on a good edge sander. I did that. It was worth the 8 dollar belt destroyed by all the time it would have taken to do it by hand on my table saw top. I did a No8. a No.7 and a gage No.27 all on one belt. Dead flat.
  11. Here is an old Stanley 25 plane that I restored. It was in pretty rough shape. It cuts with the bevel up and will take a nice shaving.
  12. Save yourself a bunch of hand cramps a get a set of good butt chisels. Two cherries has a good set.