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  1. I set up my 2 car garage for a wood shop and found after a 15 or so years break from woodworking; that I have gotten old, and half blind. I am hanging led 4 bulb fixtures from a 9ft ceiling, and was wondering what is a good height above the table saw, jointer, work bench, ect, to hang these lights? I hung the first one above the table saw and it is only hanging about 6 inches from the ceiling; it is a 7000 lumen fixture, so it's bright enough, but I'm wondering if I hung it too high?
  2. I've been using the tru cut for a few weeks now. I have to say that is it working out very well. I'm pretty sure I could make my own inserts for it out of alder or whatever is around the shop.
  3. I just finished restoring this Stanley 25 low angle transitional plane. It was in very bad shape with lots of pitting; I had to get another blade as the one that came with it was unusable. I was pleasantly surprised that it took such a nice shaving beings this type of plane has no chip breaker.
  4. I always found that a good set of butt chisels are great for hand chopping dovetails. Crown makes a pretty decent set. Also take into consideration the size of saw you use, a slightly larger kerf makes the chiseling part go much easier.
  5. I live in Washington state in Hoodsport, along the Olympic peninsula. Everyone around here seems to be nuts for live edge furniture and shelves. Everyone seems to have a portable mill and selling Silver Maple, and Cedar slabs. The problem is they are air dried and never seem to be stable enough to make something out of. I've seen many cracked,warped, twisted tables that were made from air dried stock. It's everywhere around here in restaurants, businesses and homes. I have found a source for kiln dried slabs, but the sticker shock would floor an elephant! I'm not sure what one would do to stabilize one of these slabs, so it doesn't crack or warp? I have seen kiln dried Cedar going for 20.00 a bf for slabs!
  6. I've always made my own, but when I saw this thing I thought I'd give it a try. I like it because the new inserts are only about seven dollars. No, I'm not a salesman! Here's a snip it of what they look like....
  7. I restored this Stanley 112 Scraper from what was called a "basket case" It was just hidden under surface rust and crud. I love these scrapers, as well tuned they are great at giving an alternative to sandpaper on figured wood. If anyone is interested in seeing the others, I'll post them too. I've been doing this for 25 years and as I just got back into woodworking after a long break; I have been getting planes and so forth to restore.
  8. It's a guitar makers vice. Handy but not as good as a nice heavy duty tail vice!
  9. This is my temporary bench. Cluttered with the latest project, hand planes and other stuff. I plan on building a Scandinavian style bench in the near future. What’s your bench look like?