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  1. When they reduced our hours in March I was told by my employer apply for unemployment to supplement my income so I have been filing claims since then. Unfortunately because of my income from working 32 hours a week I made to much to actually receive any payments. I called them Friday and they confirmed I will start receiving payments once my after this week. Also since I was furloughed and not layed off, I do not need to look for work. Jeremy
  2. I am now an official victim of COVID-19. After 3 months of working from home @ reduced hours I was furloughed, along with 35 other people, until further notice. It looks like I will be off work for at least 2-3 months if the company itself survives. The good news is I will be able to collect unemployment. Because I was furloughed I do not need to look for a new job but I still will just in case the company does not make it. I am looking forward to spending more time in the garage working on woodworking projects. I also plan on working outside replacing my fence once the weather gets better. Jeremy
  3. Are you sure you have the caster installed correctly? (page 27 of the manual? It looks like to me it is sitting to low. With the foot petal lifted up, can you lift the the wheel off the floor?
  4. Not really. I am working adding a shed to the back yard so I can move some stuff out there to give me more room. I was looking at The Dust Right mobile cart at Rockler. It is about the same footprint as what I have but is 4" and more CFM.
  5. I have the older version of the Delta saw (36-725) and I love it. I have read mixed reviews on then 36-725-T2. They seem to be having motor issue. That being said that was the same complaint on the 36-725 when it first cam out but is was fixed. I bought mine after the motor issue was resolved. Does your SUV have a roof rails or a roof rack? If it only has rails you can get crass bars and put wood on the roof. Jeremy
  6. This is my small garage shop. It is about 11" X 22" (1/2 of a 2 car garage). As you can see space is it at a premium. All of my benches and tools are mobile allowing me to move things around as needed. My 2 benches are from Harbor Freight that I have modified to fit my use. They all happen to be the same height as my table saw so they double as as an out feed table. The table saw has a shop vac under the wing that is on a auto switch. I also have a mobile shop vac cart with a cyclone I use with the router, band saw. My next project is an air filter cart that my spindle sander and drill press (next upgrade). It will house a 3 speed furnace blower and also give me more storage. Jeremy
  7. rainjer

    What is this?

    I think it is a it is an old surface grinder. The table travels side to side. It look like the wheel to move the table in and out is missing. The grinder goes on top. The crank on top adjust the height. I see a couple wheel in the picture.
  8. I would think epoxy would crack over time. I was thinking clear or color matched caulk. Jeremy
  9. You may want to look at Minwax Polyshades to even out the color. It is a stain and polyurethane all in one. https://www.minwax.com/wood-products/one-step-stain-and-finishes/minwax-polyshades
  10. rainjer

    PDF file

    It costs the person that owns the forum money to allow files to be uploaded. Most forums you pay for page views and storage space. The more files, the more you pay. A lot of forums don't even allow you to upload photos to keep cost down. You could put you files in a public Google Drive and share the link if you really want to share them.
  11. Those products would not work outside... They are for felt backed vinyl or VCT tile. Interior use only.
  12. Look on there web site. Find the product you are looking at an look a the Technical Data sheet. It will tell you. https://www.liquidnails.com/ https://buyat.ppg.com/rep_pafpainttools_files/Liquid Nails US/LN-2000_Data_Sheet.pdf https://buyat.ppg.com/rep_pafpainttools_files/Liquid Nails US/LN-901_Data_Sheet.pdf https://buyat.ppg.com/rep_pafpainttools_files/Liquid Nails US/LN-903_Data_Sheet.pdf https://buyat.ppg.com/rep_pafpainttools_files/Liquid Nails US/LN-907_Data_Sheet.pdf Jeremy
  13. I would look at a sewing machine hinge and magnetic catches.. This is what I would suggest you do. You would need to make you face a double layer and and radius on the side of the drawer face. The inside layer of the face would need be the same thickness as the bottom an the bottom would need to be flush to the bottom of the drawer sides.
  14. I used a combination if Buddeez Bits and Bolts Storage Containers and old prescription containers screws. For bigger and the screws I use the most they go in the Buddeez containers. The Buddeez containers come with red, yellow or blue lids. I used the different colors to sort the screws buy size. Red = #6, blue = #8 & Yellow = other misc sizes. For smaller screws I use the prescription containers. For bolt/nuts I have a Stanley organizer tray. I label all of my containers with a label maker. This is helpful when you run out to figure out what you need to buy again...
  15. I keep my work email open on my IPad and have that on the garage so I can monitor my work email.