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  1. I got and restored a jointer last year. Being that I literally grew up in a cabinet shop so I a very aware if the milling and the lumber selection process. Because I did not have the planer & jointer (until recently), I have had to adapt my my designs in the past to the tools I had. I am now almost to the point where I have the tools to build stuff how I really want them. I still need to upgrade my drill press. I think the only other big tool I want to get, that I don't already have, is a combo sander. I just don't know that I have the room for one...
  2. I am wipe out. I spent 2 days cleaning and rearranging the garage so I have room for it. I got it all assembled tonight and I can’t play with it until Friday.... Tomorrow I have to go help my wife’s grandmother move to her new house. I also need to figure out the chip collection.....
  3. Well this happened today....
  4. @RichardA - The $650 included the Dewalt mobile base. Unfortunately I don't have central dust collection. I am going to try an go with a bag like in the picture below.
  5. I think I have decided to bit the bullet and buy the DW735X from Rockler. I can get it with the stand for $650. I may see if Home Depot will match the price before I make the drive. Jeremy
  6. The use market in my area sucks. The yare not may available and they are all way over priced for the condition. There is a Dewalt DW734 that was listed 2 days ago for $500, new is $450..... Todays search result: FB Market place - 0 listing within 100 milles. Craig's list - 1 DW734 for $325 (on an island) & a very used DW735 for $510. (inquired and the price is firm) OfferUp - 3 DW734 for $350-$500 , 1 Bauer for $350 and 1 Craftsman for $520. Only one the $500 DW734 is near me... I think next week I am going to start hitting up some pawn shops to see if they have a
  7. I have been shopping the used market for months. Most of the DW735 & DW735X are $500+ and I cannot justify that price on a used machine. My thought on buy a less expensive one was to see how much I use it. If I find I am using it a lot more than I thought, sell it and upgraded to the DW735X.
  8. I know the Dewalt DW735X seems to be most peoples preference when it comes to portable planers but I am not sure if I want to pend $600+ on one. I would like do spend about 1/2 to 2/3 that much. The other issue is storage. The DW735X is big and heavy. I need one I can store away when not in use. Most other planers seem to be about 2/3 the size and weight. I have been doing woodworking most of my life and I have never owed a planer. I have been able to build everything I want from the lumber I buy without l planning in the past but I do know I have been paying a
  9. Looking at you door situation. What about making (2) 32" doors and outing a couple magnets in the edge to hold them together. This would allow you to open the closet door separate for the hall door or both at he same time.
  10. I have only had it 2 week. So far I like it. I used it while sanding this project. It helped a lot with dust management. I need to get used to having a hose attached to everything while I work...
  11. I am calling this project completed. I have on hose fitting I am waiting on that will allow me to connect the hose to the elbow that goes on top to the separator. Today I got the attach points for the handle painted and, handle reattached and put everything back together. Now I can move on to a real project...
  12. More progress today. I put some cork on the adapter piece on both sides the padded. And then today I also built a handle that is also a hose rack. I just need to take the mounting pieces back off and paint them and besides the hose I am done.
  13. I tried with just the bucket and it worked really well. I have not tried it with the box yet. I am waiting on a hose fitting to hook it up. The 2-1/2" hose that come with it does not fit thru the opening of the vacuum so I need to make a new hose 1.5" hose with 2-1/4" O.D. fittings on both ends.
  14. Adapter now painted. Next up will be an handle with hose storage.
  15. Made some progress today. The box is Almost done I just need to attach and seal the buck portion to the box lid. I am painting the adapter piece black.