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  1. This week I decided it was time to make a couple upgrades to my existing tool. First I replaced my 1950's Craftsman jointer with a new Grizzly 6" jointer. Then I I upgraded my crappy HF 8" drill press with a new 12" Grizzly drill press. I decided to mount it to my large Husky too box. To do this I had to move my spindle sander to my small Husky tool box. This is where I had my old drill press mounted. I originally put the new one on it but I decided it felt to unstable.
  2. Looking for recommendations paint some bath room cabinet exteriors. They will be new construction cabinets made from paint grade plywood (or prefinished) and popular. I will most likely spraying them. What paint and primer (if any) do you recommend? If use prefinished plywood, would I need to do anything besides scuff the surface prior to painting?
  3. I have decided just to keep wearing it for now in public places. It seems it is about 50/50 if a store is still requiring them. Because all of my family chose to get the vaccine, I was able to get together with my parents, bother & sister-in-law, nieces & nephews and their kids for the first time since Christmas of 2019 mask free.
  4. This is a good idea but you may need to make some adjustment to make it easier to use. Looking at you photo, it appears you may have the caster mounted to low on the leg. The bottom mounting hole should be 2" from the floor. These casters should only lift your machine about a +/-1/2" or so if they are set up correctly
  5. I ordered these clamps a couple weeks ago on Walmart.com. The large ones were $10.50 each & the smaller ones were $4.95 each. They had a "clearance sale" on most of the Kreg tools on Walmart.com. The prices were 50% - 80% for one day. The odd thing is they shipped directly from Kreg...
  6. My family and most of our extended family are now completely vaccinated. So are most of my friends. I have a couple extended family members & friend that "afraid" to get vaccinated or are waiting for one reason or another. This is their choice. Our family is planning our annual family picnic in July and we have respectfully asked our family members that have not been vaccinated not to attend. I was ate our local Costco today and they have loosened their mask requirements for vaccinated people (base on the honor system) which I don't agree with since they are a vaccination site. The fact that unvaccinated people have to enter the building they are at risk if there are other unvaccinated people in the building that may not be wearing mask. Even though I am vaccinated, I am higher risk for COVID so I have chosen continue to wear mask in doors until there is more data for a longer period of time to show the continued effectiveness of the vaccine. As for side affects, my wife got the Moderna and she did note feel good for 2-3 day and had a sore arm on both injections. My son ,daughter and myself got the Phizer and we all had sore arm and were tired for a couple days and mild headaches on the 2nd day.
  7. My dad has this router and I don't think that is any plunge base that will work with it. It is a odd casting on the motor housing.
  8. FINALLY.... After looking at the recommendations in this thread I settled on the ROS65VC-5 but they have been back ordered. I was wanting a 5" sander because I had already bought several hundred 5" discs. The other day I got a notification they were back in stock on Amazon. When I went to buy it I discovered ROS65VC-6 was selling for $20 less. So I decided to order the 6" sander and a 5" replacement pad ($16) and some 6" sandpaper. I plan on putting the 5" pad on for most of the work I do and I can put the 6" one on when I need to sand bigger surfaces.
  9. It all depends on where you place the rollers. The pictures were not an actual cut. The front roller would normally be closer to the fence. The back one will be set a little farther back so the rod is past the blade. The wheels are angled 5 degrees towards the fence so it guides the wood tight to the fence. I mainly plan on using them when cutting thin plywood. I helps prevent it from lifting during the cut.
  10. I am very pleased on how these turned out. I have a little fine tuning and sanding but it looks like they will work just fine. They are angled 5 degrees towards the fence. They have enough flex that I can set the roller on the table and feed 5 mm plywood thru with just a little resistance. I also can use them on my router table. The only other thing I may add are one way bearings if I can find them for a reasonable price.
  11. Are you sure you don't need metric bolts/nuts?
  12. The 1/2-14 would be the tread size. The 1/2" would be the outside diameter of the threads and the 14 is the pitch = 14 threads per inch. How do you determine that is was the thread you needed?
  13. I am a CT-15 owner. I have had it 6 months. The CT-15 differences: No Anti-static hose (I have no static issues with the hose it come with.) No systainer attachment No brake No bluetooth No HEPA Filter cleaner No hose garage. Many of the current generation CT MIDI/CT MINI parts interchange with the CT-15. I use mine for sanding. I have a cheap Black & Decker & a older Porter Cable sander. It works great with both. (I am going to buy a Festool Sander soon.) I built a dust pre-separator for it and added a handle to store the hose.
  14. When I was shopping for my Domino I called the Seattle Woodcraft store. The store is about an hour south of of me with out traffic. I had a couple question I wanted answered before I bought it so I called the store before I made the drive. The guy I talked to on the phone did not want to give me any info over the phone. I explained to him I had cash in hand and just want some info before I made the drive down thru Seattle. He still refused to answer any question. He kept telling me to just come in. I then found another dealer 1-1/2 hours north so I called them. Not only did they answer all of my questions, they also offer to demo it for me if I came in. Obviously I drove north to buy it.... And when my wife bought me my CT15 for our anniversary a week later, I made the drive north again....
  15. I decide last night if I am going to piss them off I might as well go all the way....I am going to build another one. the first one I built was based on a US version. Now I am going to make a Canadian one. The early Canadian ones are wood, the later are sheet metal. Last night I model one for myself. Today I worked on the sign decal.