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  1. FINALLY.... After looking at the recommendations in this thread I settled on the ROS65VC-5 but they have been back ordered. I was wanting a 5" sander because I had already bought several hundred 5" discs. The other day I got a notification they were back in stock on Amazon. When I went to buy it I discovered ROS65VC-6 was selling for $20 less. So I decided to order the 6" sander and a 5" replacement pad ($16) and some 6" sandpaper. I plan on putting the 5" pad on for most of the work I do and I can put the 6" one on when I need to sand bigger surfaces.
  2. It all depends on where you place the rollers. The pictures were not an actual cut. The front roller would normally be closer to the fence. The back one will be set a little farther back so the rod is past the blade. The wheels are angled 5 degrees towards the fence so it guides the wood tight to the fence. I mainly plan on using them when cutting thin plywood. I helps prevent it from lifting during the cut.
  3. I am very pleased on how these turned out. I have a little fine tuning and sanding but it looks like they will work just fine. They are angled 5 degrees towards the fence. They have enough flex that I can set the roller on the table and feed 5 mm plywood thru with just a little resistance. I also can use them on my router table. The only other thing I may add are one way bearings if I can find them for a reasonable price.
  4. Are you sure you don't need metric bolts/nuts?
  5. The 1/2-14 would be the tread size. The 1/2" would be the outside diameter of the threads and the 14 is the pitch = 14 threads per inch. How do you determine that is was the thread you needed?
  6. I am a CT-15 owner. I have had it 6 months. The CT-15 differences: No Anti-static hose (I have no static issues with the hose it come with.) No systainer attachment No brake No bluetooth No HEPA Filter cleaner No hose garage. Many of the current generation CT MIDI/CT MINI parts interchange with the CT-15. I use mine for sanding. I have a cheap Black & Decker & a older Porter Cable sander. It works great with both. (I am going to buy a Festool Sander soon.) I built a dust pre-separator for it and added a handle to store the ho
  7. When I was shopping for my Domino I called the Seattle Woodcraft store. The store is about an hour south of of me with out traffic. I had a couple question I wanted answered before I bought it so I called the store before I made the drive. The guy I talked to on the phone did not want to give me any info over the phone. I explained to him I had cash in hand and just want some info before I made the drive down thru Seattle. He still refused to answer any question. He kept telling me to just come in. I then found another dealer 1-1/2 hours north so I called them. Not only did they answer all of
  8. I decide last night if I am going to piss them off I might as well go all the way....I am going to build another one. the first one I built was based on a US version. Now I am going to make a Canadian one. The early Canadian ones are wood, the later are sheet metal. Last night I model one for myself. Today I worked on the sign decal.
  9. From members of a Coleman Collecting forum. Some people think it devalues the original ones by me making a “fraudulent” Coleman parts rack. They fell I need to mark it so people do think it is real... Since I was making it for myself I really don’t care what they think. I had thought about making them to sell. If I did, I would brand them but that is still up in the air.
  10. I have a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine. I print them out on sticker paper an them feed the thru the cutter to cut them out. The sign was cut out of gloss black vinyl on the same machine.
  11. I could but I already received some flack for making this one....
  12. Got it hung on the wall today.
  13. Most of my collection is in boxes right now. I am in the process of remodeling my "man cave". These are a few of my rarer pieces. Sears "Ted Williams" lantern made by Coleman. Near mint condition. Coleman Ker-o-lite. Colman's only wick kerosene lamp. (reproduction shade) 2018 Coleman "Seasons Lantern" and matching cooler. Since 2005 Coleman has made the The Seasons Lanterns for the Japanese collector market and not sold them in the US. For some reason in late 2017 they sold (we believe) around 800 on the Coleman website. I found the cooler at a Coleman outlet
  14. One of my other hobbies is collecting Coleman lanterns and stoves. Since I started collect I have wanted a Coleman parts rack. Since I have not found one in the last 12 years, I decided to make one. First step was to borrow a picture from the web an draw it up in Sketchup. Then it was time to make same saw dust. The shelf is clear pine. The backer is maple plywood. For the finish I used Orange General Finished Water Based Die Stain. I ended up doing 2 coats of stain to get a nice even rich orange. The I did a coat of shellac sanding sealer fo;;ed by 2 coat
  15. I have been looking at router lifts lately also. I really like the Kreg one. I like t fact it has a aluminum plates instead of phenolic. What I don't like is the price....