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  1. Made some progress today. The stand was kinda wobbly so I decided to make some updates. I skinned the the outside with some 5mm plywood I had laying around. I installed rivnuts in the metal stand an attached the panels with truss head machine screws so I can remove the panels if needed. I will be adding a dust chute that come out the left end. It will separate the electrical from the the dust since the motor will be mounted on the shelf on the right side of the stand. The belt will also run between the chute and the outer cover acting as a belt guard.
  2. I have no desire to turn my hobby into a business....
  3. Progress.... The jointer was missing one of the jack screw bolts and washer. Found one on eBay for $5. That came today so I got it installed and the tables leveled. Next I need to get the motor mounted and aligned withe machine.
  4. I have switched to Porter Cable. I was a Makita and Craftsman guy for may years until the batteries started to go bad. When i was looking for a replacement I start looking at the cordless platform as a whole. Who had the the cordless tools i wanted that used the same batteries & chargers. I chose Porter Cable 20V Max System because they had all of the tool I wanted. I have a drill, impact drive, 18GA nail gun, 16GA nail gun, 18GA narrow crown stapler, random orbital sander, oscillating tool and portable vacuum. i will be adding the jig saw and 4" die grinder at some point. I have 5-6 batteries and 4 chargers so i always have a fresh battery available when i need it. No matter what bran you buy, I would definitely go with a separate drill and impact driver. It save so munch time if you are pre-drill in and driving screws. Jeremy
  5. So after doing more research and consult a friend that works on machinery it appears i just need to swap the 2 wires with the blue crimped eyelets in the first picture. That make me very happy that I will be able to move the motor below the the jointer. Jeremy
  6. I picked up my jointer yesterday. Currently the motor is mounted behind the jointer above the base. With it mounted in this location it stick out about 6" behind the stand. I was hoping to relocate it to below the jointer. To do this I would need to reverse the motor. The pictures attaces are of the motor plate, a wiring diagram inside a cover plate and the wires inside the cover plate. Question 1 - Can this motor be reversed? Question 2 - The ground wire on the power cord was not grounded. how doe I ground this motor? (or do i need to?) Question 3 - I need to replace the power cord. What size cord should i use?. Jeremy
  7. My dad was given a jointer like this one several year ago by a family friend and has been in his garage since then. My parents are now in the process of down sizing an are planning on moving out of state and my dad has offered it to me. It is a 6" Craftsman jointer for the 70's. As fr as I know it runs. I currently don't own a jointer but and would like to have one but this would take up a lot of space. My shop is 1/2 of my 2 car garage so space is a premium. I already have a Miter saw on a stand, Delta 36-725 table saw, Kreg router table, 14" band saw, (2) 24 X 60" bench, a spindle sander, small combo sander and small drill press. Most are on mobile bases so I able to move things around as need. My first question is is it worth getting? (quality) Second can I put it on a mobile base and do they make one to fit it? Are that any issues with using on on a mobile base? Besides needing to be cleaned up, replacing the belt, making sure everything moves and sharpening or replacing the blades, is there anything else i need to look at? I helped him move this when he got it so I know t is very heavy. I don't wan to get it if it is just a boat anchor. Jeremy
  8. What is the general option on vintage Craftsman planes? Are they worth buying? I have found a couple NOS or barely used ones for a good price but have not read much about them as far as their quality. Jeremy
  9. I am in Marysville, 45 miles north of Seattle. Jeremy
  10. It is by design. The table extension is only used when she is sewing pieces or quilting.. The drawer is actually the shelf support. It aligns to the main top with 2 tapered dowels. When not in use it stores under top next to the drawers. The top also has an 18” extension on the far side the entire width that fold up using 2 folding shelf brackets.
  11. Hi. there. I have been doing woodworking as long as I can remember. I have said may time I have sawdust in my blood. My parent owned a cabinet shop when i was born. I started doing projects in the shop when i was 4-5 years old. When I started kindergarten I even caught the bus to and from the shop every day. My parents divorced when I was 12 years old and not long after that the show as closed and all of the tools sold. Over the years I still did some woodworking with some basic hand power tools. a couple years after i was married we moved into a house with a 20"X40' garage and I started to get more into woodworking. This is when I started buying a few bigger tools such as a Craftsman 10 contractor table saw, 12" Delta compound miter saw and a oscillating spindle sander and of course more power hand tools. We live in thaat house for a couple years and I did many projects but as we all know life goes on and we had to move. The house we move into had a very small 1 car garage so no woodworking for me for a couple years until we moved again. This time I ended up with a 30"X40" 2 bay pole barn with no power. That was a real kick in the teeth. I had all that room but no power unless I ran a 100' extension cord from the house. I the long run I am glad that i was not able to build out the shop with new tools, the person we were leasing the house from defaulted on her loan 9 moth after we move in and the bank foreclosed on the house and we had to move again. so once again we move and once again I end up wit ha 1 car garage (bigger than the last one). this time I was able to set up a small work shop and do some project. One of the project I was able to build was a 4'X10" teardrop trailer. Because of the size most of the work was done outside. Around this time i discovers a woodworking co-op opened in the area and I joined it. The shop was fully stock with tools & equipment to use and a retail store for wood and consumables. Over the 2 + years I was a member or the co-op I built many projects. It was really nice to have access to a 36" surface sander, full size cabinet table saw , 48" edge sander, hollow mortise machine and pocket hole machine. The co-op ended up going out of business about 2/15 yeas after it open when they lost their lease on the building. In 2007 my wife an I decided to buy a house. We looked for several month and tried to find a a house with a ship to no avail. We ended up buying a house with a standard 2 car garage so i was able to stet up my tools again and do some more projects. But once again life happens, 6 month after we bought our house the economy tanked and my wife lost her job so my wood working had to be put on hold so I could work 2 job to keep the light on. Fast forward to 2013 and my wife was able to find a decent job and i was able to cut back to one job so I had more time on my hands. Well not so fast.... that is when my wife decided we should star doing some remodel projects on the house. So we spent the next 4 years doing several remodel projects on the house including the kitchen, bathrooms & laundry room. During those projects I was able to amass a lot of new tools or upgraded I "needed" to do the projects such as Kreg Pocket hole tools, Delta biscuit jointer , Bosch trim router, Porter Cable 20V drill, impact driver, 16 & 18 gauge nailers & narrow crown stapler. Once the house projects were done I decided it was time to start getting back into woodworking. It was decided I was going to turn 1/2 of the garage into a work shop for me. the fist hing i did was go by a new Delta 36-725 table saw. I have to say, i am very pleased with this purchase. It has opened up a lot of new option for project I can do. This Christmas my wife gave me a Kreg router table to an fence and a Bosch router combo kit. Since then I have done a few small projects and on large one. I built my wife a new sewing table. The shop is still a work in progress but every day I make improvement. Right no I have working on better dust collection. I just built a portable cyclone and added dust collection to all of my tools that I could. I will have to move the hose around but since I can only work on on machine at a tie it is not to bad. The table saw has a dedicated 16 gallon shop vac on an auto switch. Jeremy