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  1. @RichardA- Yes you do pay a little more but cast acrylic machine better than other plexiglass. I have some partial sheets of 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" in the shop is various colors from random projects I have done. I like using it to make drill jigs for projects that need repeatable holes like this one for putting rubber feet on cutting boards.
  2. I buy my Plexiglass on Amazon. Search cast acrylic.
  3. I wanted to post a follow-up on my separator. I used it with my cheap RO sander when I was making my Christmas projects and it worked great. It captured a lot of very fine, flour like, dust. Very little dust passed thru to the bag.
  4. I suffer from lower back pain if I stand a lot. I recently switch to Georgia Boots Giant Revamped Romeo shoes. They have helped a lot. They have very comfortable insoles and the slight heal heal with back pain. I find I can stand a lot longer than before with no pain. I got min at Coastal Farm Supply for less than $100.
  5. Sanded and the first coat of oil applied.
  6. Next project glued up. This will end up as 4 charcuterie boards. I should have these one by tomorrow night.
  7. I have been spending last week working on some Christmas projects for my daughter (and to sell). Both projects are first time projects for me. Having a new (& accurate) bandsaw and planer have really opened up my options for things I can make. First project: I made some 12" & 15" stick shuttles for her weaving loom. These are made from a scrap piece of 3/4" beech I had from a previous project that I re-sawed and planed to 1/4" thick. They are finished with aniline dye, sanding sealer and Watco Satin Wax. Second project: I made her a 1.25"X13"X18" edge grain cutting
  8. You can get a shaker router bit set. This is what I use.
  9. Made the trip to Grizzly today and picked up my new bandsaw It is now all assembled and aligned. I really like it. Cuts nice and straight. I was able to reconfigure my old mobile base to fit this one. It also fits in the location of my old saw. This is my first bandsaw with a quick release for the blade so made myself a reminder label. Took about 4 hours to assemble, reconfigure the mobile base and align everything.
  10. The good news.....All back together and working again. The new pulley is about 1/8”-3/16” bigger but it seem to work ok. Ialso think I found what caused it. The motor pulley’s set screw came loose an the pulley shifted causing the belt to become misaligned. Also i picked my new Grizzly G0555LX bandsaw and got it all assembled.. Now for today’s bad luck....I went check my table my new bandsaw to make sure I was 90 degrees to the blade using a 2X4 and the Alex Snodgrass method. As I started to make the cut the blade grabbed the 2X4 and rolled it and smashed 3 finger tips on my right h
  11. It is bad luck in the sense it has caused a 3-4 day delay in my Christmas projects. My plan was to get the glue-ups done yesterday so it would have all day today to cure while I was not home. Now I have to spend time fixing the machine instead of making saw dust...
  12. Just found one at Grizzly also. Since I am already going there tomorrow, I will just pick it up when I am there.
  13. It is just a 5/8 shaft, 2" O.D. V-belt pully. Nothing special fortunately. I looked at the motor pulley and it is a cast iron pulley so I will not need to replace it. No, it is 20+ years older than me....
  14. I went out the garage to run a couple board thru the jointer. On the 2nd pass on my 2nd board the sound of the machine changed, it got really quiet. I turned it off and unplugged it to investigate. The belt was super loose. I firs looked to see if the motor had come loose and it had not. then I notice the pulley on the cutter head was missing one flange. Of course being a 70+ year old machine, no OEM parts are available. Fortunately I have a local Grainger and they have a replacement part in stock that will work. I think I may replace the motor pully while I am at it. Both are cast zinc. (I th
  15. Where to start.... Blade is an oddball size so I have to have them made..... The guides are not aligned vertically....The top guide is almost touching on the left bearing and the bottom guide is almost touching on the right side. Does not leave much room for adjustment. I have spent many hours trying to fix this. I so better than when I bought it but I am out of adjustment room. The table trunnions tilt will not stay tight. I have tried several fixes to no avail including nyloc-nuts. The guide post is a d shape post. Every time you move it up or down it twist 2-3 degrees an