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  1. Well I finally finished this project. All butternut, with some walnut and birch plywood. Finished in Osmo. Top drawer false fronts attached to the top with piano hinges, magnets across the top to keep the false front in place when the top is lowered. Feet are also made of butternut. Thanks again for the ideas and suggestions last year. This project pushed my abilities and it turned out better than I expected.
  2. Hey @wtnhighlander, Great idea about the magnet for the false door. I wasn't necessarily planning that false door to fold inward when the top swung up, it was a suggestion by Gary. I haven't really given the idea full consideration yet, but I will. Regarding the requirement to raise the false door in the first place. My plan includes plugging things in for charging and generally having my hands access the contents of those top shelves. I thought it would be unique, and also handy to not have to reach down whenever I accessed that shelf. Instead I'd be reaching across. I like the idea because if I leave the false door in place, that cabinet feels like a well and I'm not sure I'd like that. Until I lock the design, I'm open to changing it if the whole concepts becomes problematic. Scott
  3. Wow, all amazing and great suggestions. You guys should be commended for how positive and suggestive your comments are. So, here's where I am now. I think it's looking good. I do worry that the lower doors might look bland. Also, the pulls are not finalized Still thinking of the ramifications of hinging the front on the top shelf so when the top is open, it's out of the way. The center cabinet opening with the shelf folding to horizontal is a compromise. I'd rather not have it slide into the top as those hinges, at least the ones I'm familiar with, don't allow the shelf to fully slide in. There's always some of that shelf that sticks out and that means I'll have to crouch (further) down to see into the back into the cabinet recesses. Scott
  4. Appreciate the comments. That gives me some ideas of things to try. I'll repost with an updated version once I have one. Scott
  5. I'm planning on making cabinet to hold board games and electronics, and I don't trust my design sense. I wonder if anyone would be interested in looking over this cabinet and making suggestions about what I can add, or did add that doesn't make sense, or what I should add/change to improve the design. Upper cabinet hinges up and back, Middle cabinet doors hinge out Lower doors hinge out but have a game board storage area attached to the door. I've added a few pics. Rough dimensions are 51" wide x 15" deep x 45" high All doors, sides, back will be baltic birch All banding will be Red Birch (matches a set of shelves I build earlier) Although not shown in the image, I will add a power strip on one or both sides of the upper cabinet (not sure yet if I need two) Any thoughts would be appreciated. Scott