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  1. Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. Dowels it will be for most of the joints! I was considering half laps for the X braces but didn’t think of a stopped half lap for the T’s. Great approach.
  2. Hello - relative newbie here. I have some experience with most basic tools - compound miter saw, table saw, router, that sort of thing but lack access to anything too specialized. I’ve made some small items over the past few months but nothing that’s required any special techniques. Mostly just picture frames, a rustic planter...that sort of thing. But now I’m planning a rustic farmhouse-type pendant light and due to the size, and the fact that I really don’t want any visible pocket holes, I’m concerned about having sturdy joints. The light is basically a long open rectangle dressed up with cross arms. I’ve attached an example picture so you know the general look I’m going for. My questions are: for the cross arms, will glue be enough to hold it all together well? If not, what’s a good option...small dowels? And if so, how would I get the angle correct for the dowel holes? Also, for the top support, I’m sure glue isn’t sufficient for that since those are the pieces that support the entire weight. What are my options there, dowels as well or something else? Thanks for your patience for what I’m sure are pretty basic questions!