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  1. I made a bunch of mounts for misc shovels, forks, etc this weekend. These won't have any "falling off" issues. So basically it's going to only be an issue for tools that have loop/hoop handles getting caught on the mounts when you take them down ..... leaf blower, hedge trimmer, ladder, wound extension cords. etc.
  2. So I made up this mount and have it up on the highest cleat. It does hold most of the time but if you catch the handle on the mount, it does pop off. And equivalent to Gee-Dub's earth quake issue... I have 10 year old that likes to help out in the yard and do projects with me.... so I'll end up going one route. Double headed nails! I have never seen such a thing. Looks like a tack in the board… which looks clean and nice… a step up from the screw route. I might have to go with them. I was eventually going to do a cleat wall on the other side of the garage to replace and expand the area that is currently used for my peg board. It's congested with tools and even with those locking tabs you get... some still pop off. I read a lot of people having issues with very light mounts getting knocked off easy too… so the double headed nail route would be nice for that since they don't take up much real estate on the mount. Thanks for the ideas all.
  3. I am doing the standard 45 degree angles on the cleats. I'll throw together a mount tonight for my weed wacker and see were we land. I’ll post pics at that point. Curly.. im not worried about the weight or them failing ... just worried about them getting bumped up and then off when retrieving a tool from one.
  4. Howdy... I am not wanting to screw any of the mounts down to avoid in the future having the wall cleats pocked with old screw holes after i rearrange stuff. These tool mounts will just be resting in the wall cleat along with just gravity holding them in place. You are correct that this idea wouldn't stop the mounts from moving laterally but my main want is to avoid them popping off vertically and knocking me in the head if take down a rake or weed wacker or sledge hammer, etc.
  5. So when wanting to reorganize my garage I came across the french cleat system. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve moved my garage stuff around until more stuff builds up and I have to redo it at some point… many times after a long period of disarray. So I like the idea of it being flexible On the other hand I quickly came across the problem of the cleat system is that it’s easy to pop the mounts off while taking the tool down from the wall. Also coming across all the locking systems.. Some being easier then others. So with that all said, before I get too far down the cleat path…. I want to run this peg lock idea around. Wanting to make a lock that is universal to all the various mounts and at the same time isn’t time consuming to make or unlock and lock… I found these wooden doll pins at Michaels. The basic idea is to drill a hole on the tool cleat side. When the pin in pushed in, it hugs right under the wall cleat… locking it in place. And since these pins have a slot in the bottom, they can be wedged into the holes and be held tight. What cha think?
  6. thanks for all the feed back too!
  7. yeah... that's noted.. so $600 isn't too bad i guess.
  8. Looks like the Garret Wade benches aren't sold anymore... not much info... but thank goodness the internet doesn't forget. I am finding an old 1997 Tool Buyers guide that lists it with the below info. Large Cabinet Price 20.5 x 60 x 34.75 Rhodesian Teak 180lbs .... but only $525! I'll have to go back to them with maybe $350-450
  9. Quick question.... so i'm not a super serious woodworker (less so once we had our kid a few years back)... but I've never had a workbench and would love to have one. I've had plans collected away for years of one I always planned on making... but life gets in the way and at this point I would rather pay the piper and just purchase one. I am just using my my grandfathers wooden kitchen table for projects ... but that only goes so far! So I am seeing a Garrett Wade bench, made with "african hardwood" that is going for $1200.... and I offered $600.. which they are okay with. 5’x 21” top with two 7 ½-inch vices. It's in very good condition from the photos. Before I make a few hour drive to look at it.... has anyone have any experience with this brand and if the $600 is reasonable?