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  1. Rapid Roger

    Wikkelso joinery

    Sliding dove tails.
  2. Rapid Roger

    any experience with felt?

    I've found felt (and velvet) at Hobby Lobby . It depends on what you are doing but, I use it to line small boxes and have found "sticky back" felt of various colors in 12" x 12" sized sheets.. Also depending, "flocking" works fairly well also.
  3. Rapid Roger

    Chair (lounger) back angle

    I would suggest finding or designing a plan that incorporates and adjustable back to it. To each his own angle.
  4. Rapid Roger

    New shop and beginner woodworker

    I have OSB on my shop walls also and did not paint them. I like the fact that you can drive a nail or screw about any place and when you remove it later you will be hard pressed to find the hole. One draw back is that OSB will collect dust over time and it is hard to get rid of. I guess that is a bit true of sheetrock also however. By the way....I see you are a Jayhawker, where in Kansas are you located ? I'm from Hutchinson.
  5. Rapid Roger

    Water Jet and Wood

    Just because I'm me and will do anything twice....I would try it just to see what happens. The wood won't be soaked in water....well not for long anyway...and the jet stream is fast enough to cut in seconds so just maybe you could cut your house number or last name out of wood and hang on to it for a few years before it warps or rots away .
  6. Rapid Roger

    Convex beam problem.

    That reminds me of the idiot that picked up his gas powered mower to trim the hedge. Yep, he is now known as "Stubby".
  7. Rapid Roger

    Having issues with Purpleheart wood

    Might I suggest Half Lap corners on the frame. If your husband has been working with purple heart wood, I'm sure he has been using something to fight the oiliness before gluing the corners .
  8. Rapid Roger

    Old Blade Disposal

    From the sounds of things on the news, scrap steel and aluminum prices will soon rise. It may be a wise thing to hold onto your metal scrap for a few months in the future.
  9. When I worked in a sheet metal shop, it was not unusual at quitting time, to find your lunch bucket full of punch slugs or tack welded to a steel table. If you need more suggestions, I was in the business for 15 years. LOL
  10. Rapid Roger

    Marc’s new book

    I was born in '43 but NO ONE has ever called me silent by any stretch of thought. LOL
  11. Rapid Roger

    Researching Scroll Saws...

    I wouldn't mess with either of these. You will end up disappointed and frustrated. Just buy the best saw you can afford from a bigger company and a guarantee on it. I realize you don't want to spend big money on something you are not sure about but, look at it this way, the better saw you are trying to sell, the easier it will be to get rid of. If on the other hand you decide (like I did) that this is an enjoyable hobby, you can move up to a better saw later. The Delta saw that was mentioned is an 'EXACT COPY' of the De Walt saw that went out of business. It to is a very good saw and parts are interchangeable and easy to get as the De Walt's are. I have been very happy with the D W and will probably not get another scroll saw. BUT, if I did decide to move up, it would probably be a Hawk. The main reason I would go with Hawk is that it is made in Kansas A $1000.00 or so isn't too bad......Kind of like a Saw Stop over my Jet table saw... Go to...... "www.scrollsawworkshop.blogsot.com"..... for more information than you can read in a week. They have a community forum that you can ask questions on also. There are a BUNCH of super nice people just like the ones on this forum.
  12. Rapid Roger

    Researching Scroll Saws...

    As a long time scroll sawyer (15 - 20 years) I think I can help. As you know the saws can get quite expensive ($1200.00 or so). I've owned 3 so far. Started with a $100.00 saw and wore it out in about 3 years. Then I bought a Dremel at $200.00 that lasted about 5 years. Last I got a De Walt that was around $500.00 at the time and it has lasted me for12 years or so now. I would recommend that you take the same path. Buy he Porter Cable (it is a fairly good saw for starting out and then if the bug bites after a few years you might want to step up a few times in the future. It is a lot of fun and the most relaxing form of wood working (as well as the cheapest) there is.
  13. Rapid Roger

    Some vocabulary

    then there is.... Trunk ......Boot Hood.....Bonnet Tire.....Tyre
  14. Rapid Roger

    Bungee clamps

    I know that they are very rare but if you should come across an inter-tube KEEP IT ! They used to be common on cars and trucks but, not so much anymore. Now they can be found on bicycles, wheel barrows, lawn mowers etc. When cut just right, they make great oversized rubber bands which converts to "clamps". I have a drawer full that I've collected over the years.
  15. Rapid Roger

    Styrofoam and cardboard

    A long, long time ago when I had a real job, we would get boxes with all the "packing peanuts" in them. We would get a 5 gallon bucket, put about 1-1/2 gallons of lacquer thinner in it and then add about 140 bushels of peanuts. It was just fun watching them disappear! You may have to cut your larger pieces up into smaller chunks and plan on throwing the bucket into the dumpster. LOL