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  1. Just be sure to cover and leave raw all the places for glue. Glue doesn't like to stick to any kind of stain or finish.
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    Happy 4th

    Here it is the 8th of July and they are still shooting fireworks ! The 4th is over folks ! Last night they almost set my Christmas decorations on fire !!
  3. Most torque specs state "Tighten until you strip the threads and then back off 1/4 turn."
  4. The Kansas Cosmosphere (sp) and Space Center also has a huge collection of space artifacts in Hutchinson, Kansas. We also have an SR71 Blackbird on indoor display. And Hutchison is home to Space Works that does restoration for a lot of other museums around the country. and did all the work for the movie "Apollo 13" as well as others.
  5. When I was in the mobile tool business, I had those magnets all over my truck. They held any thing with steel in it and took all the bumps and shaking without any problem. (even on the ceiling) If you put a tool on it in any given direction, it will pretty much stay where you put it unless you bump it or move it. One thing that will probably not be a problem but you need to consider, after so long being put on and pulled off, the tool will become magnetized. JFYI. Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it is not. Yes, I use them in my personal shop to this day.
  6. The correct torque spec. is … Tighten the bolt until you strip the threads and then back it off 1/4 turn.
  7. I may have told this story before but, I'm going to tell it again. When I was peddling screwdrivers for Mac Tools, I sold a set of LH drill bits to a truck shop. I sold them on Friday afternoon and the shop foreman was anxious to get them because he Knew that he would need one on Monday. Well, it seems that Delbert was covering the week end for the crew by himself. At one point he needed to drill a hole for something and went to the too crib and lo and behold there sat a brand new set of drill bits.! Delbert had one heck of a time trying to drill a simple hole in steel and cussing those darn cheap Mac Tool bits, he inspected the grind on the bit. Well, any fool could see that the 1/4" bit had been ground exactly backward so off to the bench grinder he went. He adjusted the tip of that one and then noticed that every darn one of those bits in that set was screwed-up so, he went ahead and fixed all of them. The foreman didn't fire Delbert but, he wasn't allowed to work weekends alone any more.
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    In 1967, I got my DD214 discharge papers from the USAF.
  9. I don't use credit cards much but the one thing that I do use it for is buying my meds. ($100+) Every time I charge over $100 the credit card company calls my wife and reports the amount I can't get away with anything ! One time years ago my wife went to KC for a meeting on the weekend. Then she came home and left right away for Texas to help our daughter get ready for her wedding . The credit card company called me to see if I had lost a CC. At first I was confused , then they explained that there had been some large purchases in two different areas of the country in just a few days and I put 2 and 2 together. Nope, It is just my wife making like she is rich ! Ha ha.
  10. Chestnut, I was a MAC Tool Distributor and sold mechanic tools from my truck. I am sure there are gimmicks out there but, I didn't handle any of them. We were the second most expensive tool company in the US. Snap-On had us beat on price but, when it comes to quality it was 6-6. The one brand of screwdriver bits that I found to hold up best (believe it or not) were Acme. I still have a few that I bought for my self. I have them from 1" 3" and up to 6" long and still use them all the time in my cordless drill and screwdrivers. I've made a terrible mistake. The bits I meant to recommend are APEX not ACME!
  11. As a ex tool pusher (salesman) , I could go on about driver bits for an hour but, just let me say...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. The difference between a #1 and a #2 Philips screw is hard to see with a naked eye BUT there is a big difference when you use the wrong screwdriver. You usually ruin one or the other, so if you are tearing up screw heads or breaking bits, switch to the other size bit to see if that makes a difference. AND THEN, there is a screw style called "Pozi-drive. At first glance they look like a standard Philips screw but, on closer inspection you will see THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. Where Philips screws have tapered surfaces in every direction, Pizi-drive are square on every surface of the slotted area. The Pozi-drive also have a small X across the drive slot area (and yes, the driver has provision for that X) One of the wrong drivers in either style will end in frustration and maybe a broken driver or ruined screws. Then, we could get into things like "Tamper Proof Torx" also but....Maybe another time.
  12. Kind of like a dog finally catching a car... I don't know what to do with it AND I'm out of a job too !!
  13. Late to the party again but, I was going to suggest heat...in the form of an oven. I know it works with steel and aluminum and I really don't know about steel and steel but, I thought it would be worth a try. I used to put aluminum engine cases (two cycle engine) in the oven turn it on (with room for the bearings to drop out) and just sit and drink beer until I heard "tink-tink" . They would drop at about 400 to 500 degrees. Beating the bearings out with hammer and punch is a sure way to destroy an engine case. And, if you had planned ahead and put the new bearings in the freezer, you could lift the case half out with pliers, lay it on a concrete floor and drop the frozen bearing into it and wait for it to cool to room temp. Viola ! The new bearings were locked in place with no hassle and a few beers to celebrate with !
  14. Point of Sale ? Ha ha Ha ha that is a good one. I doubt that I would have ever thought of that as POS ! I'm very familiar with the other definition, that's what my wife calls my van, " Pos" (Like Paws) is the term she uses.
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    No hobby is worth while if their isn't a possibility of some blood being involved.
  16. Tom, We have a similar tire shop in our town. Not as barren as yours, they do have lifts and three tire balancers but are just as speedy. I have been a loyal customer for 55 years or so (since I was 16) and my dad traded there too. My wife goes in to have her tires rotated on a regular basis and hardly has time to scan a "Home and Garden" before they get finished. When I was in business and took my tool truck in for a complete set of tires, they had four tires mounted and balanced on the rear within 30 minutes. They didn't have the two front tires in stock ( I had an odd size tire on that truck) and asked me to come back in 2 days, another 15 minutes or so and I was riding on all new rubber !
  17. I have to agree with Richard A. I live in Kansas and have used cedar on several outdoor projects (porch swing, picnic table and windmill) over the years. And I have fund nothing in finishes that will last much longer than a year on cedar. If you want to apply more finish on your fence every two years to keep the "new look" then OK, but I'll bet you will soon learn to love the silver grey natural beauty of cedar. LOL Cedar will last a long time without rot and ruin and retain that grey with NO extra work or expense just fine.
  18. First car to drive, Dads 1946 Ford pick-up. First care to call my own 1947 ford sedan (three on the tree) Second car I owned was 1953 Chevy standard shift with split manifold. Then 1956 Ford, 1957 Ford, '61 Austen Healy Sprite. That gets us up to 1968 and there have been quite a few "rides" since then.
  19. I've found felt (and velvet) at Hobby Lobby . It depends on what you are doing but, I use it to line small boxes and have found "sticky back" felt of various colors in 12" x 12" sized sheets.. Also depending, "flocking" works fairly well also.
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    After High School I did 4 years in the Air Force (Air Police). Came home and got into drafting, ("T" squares and triangles before CAD) for 4 or 5 years. Then got into sheet metal lay out work building grain elevator equipment for about 12 years (Loved the work, hated the boss.) Then I bought into my own business of being a mobile tool salesman (Mac Tools) that only lasted about 20 years before I retired at the age of 62. (I'm 74 now). Then got into hobby woodworking for 10 years or so and was forced to retire from that because of COPD. Now I'm just a grumpy old man yelling at kids to get off my grass...... and LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT ! Ha Ha. If you can stop by, I would love to visit with you for a while but, I don't get out of bed before 6: AM and am in the rack by 11:PM so be warned.
  21. I would suggest finding or designing a plan that incorporates and adjustable back to it. To each his own angle.
  22. I have OSB on my shop walls also and did not paint them. I like the fact that you can drive a nail or screw about any place and when you remove it later you will be hard pressed to find the hole. One draw back is that OSB will collect dust over time and it is hard to get rid of. I guess that is a bit true of sheetrock also however. By the way....I see you are a Jayhawker, where in Kansas are you located ? I'm from Hutchinson.
  23. That happened to me at Chuckie Cheese when I was only 70 years old. I was there with my two children, their spouses and 5 grandchildren. All I wanted was a lite beer and after I proved that I was of age, the cashier had to go get the manager to sell it to me. She was only 17 and not old enough to sell alcohol !