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  1. Our 3.5 yo is especially excited about the slide!
  2. It's not a pre-made kit, but I have been looking at those metal brackets you're talking about. The original plan wasn't to have any knee bracing with how the beam is set in the a frame fulcrum -- I'm not sure there are long enough metal plates available to stretch from beam to leg how I have it. That said, you make an excellent point about putting it all together before worrying about issues that might not exist after a few steps are completed
  3. Correct; nothing anchored, yet. Considering a steel-coil type anchor system into the soil...This is my first swingset build and I may have gotten the horse before the cart on a few steps. That's a great suggestion on tying the three together and is something I will try to incorporate. Thanks!
  4. This weekend we built most of a swing set project for our two kids. Before we get too much further into things we want to make sure everything is structurally sound as There seems to be some lateral sway when the swing is in use -- an inch or two. Beam is 2 2x6x12 sistered together with bolts resting on 3 4x4 post A frames with 2x6 bracing at the top (middle frame is 4' from end for slide platform). Frames on either side of swings are kicked out a couple inches to try to reduce lateral sway. If it is a big deal, can I remedy it by sinking an extra 4x4 post under the peak of the outside frame by swings? It feels solid but I want to be confident it won't collapse on my kids.