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  1. Grain reversal, now it has a name. Thank you all.
  2. On the first board to the left I got the most success using Old Masters Walnut Gel, but it is too light. Also pretty good is the next which is SamaN water based stain Cognac. But the next two both Minwax their Special Walnut oil stain and their Coffee gel stain - both are horrible. I can not figure out why I can get a grain look on one then another totally obscures. I used similar procedures on all four (and I have done others) wipe on, let sit a few minutes then wipe the excess off.
  3. The attached photo is a sample of a pine finish that really makes the grain stand out. I have been blowing my brains out trying to duplicate that affect. All my tries with gel, dye to oil stains come out way too dark masking the grain. There is likely a simple method to this, but being a simple guy, I can not for the world figure it out. Thus, I beg for help from the forum mavens. (Not concerned with the blotchiness) Thank you!