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  1. Thanks for feedback, Brendon. I'm still looking what I can source in the area; adding maple to the list. There is a store near me with a large selection of reclaimed old growth Douglass Fir, from pre-WWII buildings. That's why initially my thoughts went there. If you think of anything else, or any articles, please send them my way. Thank you.
  2. Is this what you mean? What about the sliding into or out of the seated position, with the legs at the corners, could something be done to improve this?
  3. I'm not sure if I worded this correctly, I'm not trying to id the wood. The slab is Guanacaste; table legs is an example of the design I'm planing on making, and I was wondering which woods would be reliable in this frame design.
  4. Thank you, Byrdie. I'll call to see if there are some stores which carry Jatoba near me. I like that base a lot too, simplicity of the design is what appeals to me, as well as ability to clean under the table with ease.
  5. Thank you for feedback, wtnhighlander. I've read your post on the Table of Epic Duration, thank you for sharing about plaster of Paris to use as a pore filler. The surface looks amazing. Do you have some guidelines on making benches for the tables without trestle style bases? You've mentioned this in the Table of Epic Duration story. Maybe the bench can have a sloping corner, or a folding corner, in order to work better with table legs?
  6. Hi everyone, I've been slowly working on the dining table project. Really need some help with identifying the type of wood to use for the legs, as well as some advice on dimensions of the lumber. I've been learning joint techniques on examples, reading books on joinery, Shakers furniture, etc. Still consider myself a beginner at this, there is so much to learn. To give you an idea of the project, some pictures of the slab below. 8.8 ft long, 3ft wide on average. The question I'm stuck at the moment is the sizing for the lumber to use for table legs. This is where I got the inspiration, but I'm not sure what dimension of lumber to use. From what I gather, the two runners and crossbeams are 4x4, and the legs been cut from a 4x6 to accommodate for the splay without loosing thickness. Could someone with an eye for this please tell me approximately lumber dimension to start with? Another question, is what kind of lumber is suitable for this design above? Would Douglass fir work for these joints? Seems to me soft wood would be okay, since Japan has predominately softwoods as I have read. And this design above is definitely Japanese joinery inspired. If someone could share an article or share some knowledge on choosing woods for table base and legs, that would help a lot, thank you guys.