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  1. Steve Woodie

    Hello from Cape Cod

    Just installing the drawer sub-assembly. In mid project so the shop is a mess.
  2. Steve Woodie

    Shellac and Dye

    You are probably using a shellac that has not been de-waxed. Use Bulls Eye Seal Coat which is dr-waxed.
  3. Steve Woodie

    How to show the grain on pine

    On YouTube search for Charles Neil Trace Coating. Very informative and I think it will help you achieve what you want.
  4. Steve Woodie

    Hello from Cape Cod

    I'm retired and have been woodworking as a hobby for 45 years. Currently, I'm in the middle of making a Shaker inspired Sideboard of Ash and Black Walnut. My most recent completion was a Nantucket style bench.