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  1. Great advice, and thank you for being honest. If these were an epic deal, I would jump on them. I’m checking out Narex chisels right now, thanks!
  2. Thanks everyone for the really great advice. It's a good deal, but it's not an epic deal on the chisels. A lot of you are saying I don't necessarily need the number of chisels in this set right now and I agree with that. I'm going to purchase about four high quality chisels for now and use the rest of the money on some planes. I know there are lots of threads on this already, and I will also search, but could someone chime in with a good high-end chisel manufacture I should look at purchasing? Thanks everyone, especially for the warm welcome.
  3. New to the forum, hello everyone. Someone is selling a set of 10 hand hammered Japanese (Uchi Dashi) chisels - Kunikei. These are made by a Samurai blacksmith by the name of Yoshiro Ikeda. They are hand forged using the best quality Yasuki high carbon white steel - I've included a link to the set below. I am an amateur when it comes to chisels, but I want to buy a nice set and take the time to learn to sharpen, take care of, and properly use these chisels. These are used, but only for one project from what I gather. These are being sold for a good price, but I am not exactly sure what to look for when I inspect these and I'm also not really sure if this is the best chisel set for my needs, especially considering it's a set of ten, and some get quite wide. Any advice would be greatly appreciated and I can answer any questions that may come up. Thank you!
  4. That turned out really nice, I love walnut too.
  5. Do you think people moved to a SS because of the overall quality of the table saw, or is the safety feature a primary reason to move?
  6. What do you gentlemen think of this model of Powermatic?
  7. I am in Southern California in the San Fernando Valley. Right now I am only going to focus on frames, but I plan on working on the various types of joinery and increasing my skill level in each of those. My first big projects will probably be some desks, dining tables, and various coffee tables. I want to incorporate unique joinery in each of the designs wand work my skill set up to some Japanese joinery. That's my initial goal for now, certainly a lot to learn, but I'm up for the challenge. With all of that being said, I don't have a particular table saw in mind specific to the type of work I want to do so it will have to remain general for now, unless anyone has some advice on which direction to go based on my goals above?
  8. Thanks for the information gents and the welcome to the forum. I’ll take a look at the Powermatic saws in 3HP, I think you are right in your assessment. I’ve also seen a lot of SawStops on YouTube videos, it seems to be very popular.
  9. Hi everyone, I am a new member here and just wanted to start off by saying hello to everyone. This seems like a very collaborative forum with a bunch of like-minded people working together. I am starting to build out my wood shop in my garage. I have a great career right now, but it’s incredibly stressful and I hope to change career paths here and become a good enough woodworker to sell my products. Likely continue working for a while, but slowing down a bit and enjoying life, which really is all that matters. I want to build my shop around the table saw and while I’ve done a ton of research, I am looking for help from people who have actually used the equipment. I’m a big fan of buying quality tools and learning how to expertly use them and of course taking care of them so they last a long time. There are a lot of brands out there and could use some feedback on which table saw to purchase. I really like the Powermatic brand, but definitely open to suggestions. I think a 5HP motor would be a good start. SO what do all of you think? Is Powermatic the best brand to purchase, or should I look at other manufactures? Thank you! - SoCalWoody