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  1. I have nothing to offer, but is that a sock under the table?
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I'm going to hold off until January and see where we are then. I can postpone the decision until then and then decide.
  3. Ideally yes, but unfortunately they're down sizing and moving to a smaller home, so that's not going to be possible.
  4. Thanks but no, that's isn't one of the options i'm considering!
  5. Thanks for the reply Dave. Let me try to answer the questions and you can tell me what you think. My answers are in red. What do you think you should do? Not sure, what’s why I posted These are the questions I would ask myself. If you have the funds to make the change Yes, funds aren’t really an issue. Not to mean i’m made of moolah but my father in law is giving me the cyclone and in terms of time being spent on this he is helping with the 220 line installation and anything else I need to get it setup. If I didn't get the cyclone for free, would I have done it anyway
  6. Yeah i thought about that. Although i reuse the bags on the General DC and haven't had to buy any. If i decide to go with it i have to figure out something for the filtration portion, unfortunately i can't just vent it outside! And if the only improvement is emptying it that's not enough incentive really. Emptying my current one takes me five minutes, switching to the cyclone will be hours.
  7. I have the chance to get a free Cyclone dust collector. My current DC is only a year old and I JUST (haven't even used yet) got a remote FOB for it from Rockler. Installing the Cyclone is going to involve me selling/getting rid of my current 1 3/4 HP General DC which is working fine, running a 220 outlet, and generally redoing much of my dust collection system (running new pipes as the cyclone would be in a different part of the shop) Do you think this is worth doing? Should i see a big improvement?
  8. The piece of 4/4 mahogany I got seems to have warped. So i've just used it for the solid edgebanding so far. I'd have to get more to make the doors. I was actually considering doing the doors in maple instead, while still using 1/4 mahogany ply for the inserts. You think that would look good?
  9. Thanks! I've bee leaning towards BLO, i think that's the best way to go.
  10. So i've finally started the WHC. I had planned to build along in real time, but wasn't able to. I'm going with the Plywood version, mainly because i've not really used plywood for any "real" projects before. I'm using mahogany plywood, I had wanted to go walnut by my wood store was out and he gave me a great deal on the mahogany. This will be living in a bathroom which really doesn't get much use. We have a bathroom in our basement which has a shower but in the year we've lived here it's never been used, so i'm not concerned with mold and moisture. We don't have much room for hand towels
  11. Thanks, i'll check it out tonight.. Most magazines through zinio i think give you a free sample issue.
  12. Thanks Marc (and vic) I think i've decided to do what i originally thought - keeping FWW and POP and adding WOOD (can't beat two years for the price of one). I do have FWWs online membership, and i agree it's a wealth of knowledge. I'd just like to see it all in one place. The complete magazine and active online content all on my iPad. All this is quite new though, so in time i suspect most wood magazines (and all mags for that matter) will embrace this eventually. I also agree with what you and Shannon and Matt were talking about on the most recent Wood Talk Online radio. I don't th
  13. What magazines do you subscribe to? I've been into woodworking for about a year (thanks marc) and as such my magazine subscriptions are coming up for renewal. Right now i subscribe to Fine Woodworking, Popular Woodworking, Canadian Woodworking and Woodsmith. I'm probably going to drop Canadian and Woodsmith. I've only seen one issue of Wood magazine, but they're having a buy one year get one free promo so I may subscribe to that. How do you like Wood Magazine? Also what do you think about electronic versions? I'm definitely interested in electronic versions as I have an iPad, but I don
  14. I use my 3M respirator when sanding. I'll only use it at the table saw if im cutting something that seems a bit nastier. Such as Jatoba or even Walnut. Most of what i do is maple and my dust collector/table saw seem to do a decent enough job so i don't really worry about it. Check back with me in 25 years though! I do have a General air cleaner though which i bought based on a review article in fine woodworking. I use that anytime i'm in the shop (even if using hand tools) and set it to turn off an hour after I leave.
  15. Thanks, Vic. I have a General 50-220 Hybrid saw. Using a brad nail to act as a stabilizer is the best idea i've heard yet. I've already ordered the zero clearance dado insert, but as soon as I need to go a different width, i'll definitely try what you suggest.