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  1. We won't be using epoxy at all wtnhighlander don't worry! She's not too concerned with the cracks that are already there but worried that more may appear and end up destroying it altogether. That is why we thought oiling/treating would help prolong it's life and stop any further cracks? After what Drzeus said that it was carved green does this mean it cracked soon after it was carved and we don't need to worry? It's just a protection layer of something she wanted but you all would say this isn't really necessary? Also what's the best way to clean something like this, I've seen recommendations of wire wool with spirits but the will obviously destroy it so wont be doing that! Just want to give it some tlc. Thanks again for the help everyone I really appreciate it!
  2. Here's the pics! I did overexagerate a bit about the size of the cracks as you can see they're about 1cm mostly but at the tail it looks like its a lot larger. It was bought as an antique so returning it isn't an option. Where would you suggest I start?
  3. Hi, My mum bought a wooden giraffe from Gumtree and after she got it home she noticed there are a number of large cracks (about half an inch across) on the ornament. It looks like the ornament has been left by a radiator and has dried out thoroughly. I believe the best thing to do is to oil it so no more damage is done to it but I'm not sure if I can use any oil to protect it or do I have to try and use the original oil that was first used but I've no idea what that was. Any help would be amazing thank you!